Monday, 23 January 2012

Meet Naomi Yasuda, Nail Technician to Lady Gaga

 Meet Naomi Yasuda.

Naomi is a celebrity nail design artist extraordinaire! 

Meet the woman behind the nails, Naomi Yasuda
 Born and raised in Japan, she showed a predisposition for detail and creativity at an early age.

In 2007 she moved to New York City where creating beautiful and artistic nail designs has become her career and her passion.

Her work has graced the pages of many magazines and music videos and she has built up an ardent following amongst some of the world's biggest celebrities including Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga.

(Lady frickin Gaga. Wow) 

After pouring over amazing images after images of her work, I just had to speak to her.

I also had to post as many of her incredible designs as I physically had room to post!

So, here’s what she had to say on her talent, her top nail tips and on working with Lady Gaga!

What made you decide to become a nail artist extraordinaire?

I always liked doing my nails. I started doing my friend’s nails and my families nails and soon after I realized I was really good at it.

Your nail creations are nothing short of works of art. Where do you draw your inspiration from for your designs?

I get my nail design inspiration everywhere- fashion, art, music, people etc.. I always try to do something new. 

How did you become involved in working with such high profile celebrities?

 My first celebrity client was Keri Hilson. I met her through her make up artist. She was the one who introduced Lady Gaga to me. Since then i get all of my celebrity clients by word of mouth.

Who has been your favourite client?

I like all my clients. Celebrities, regular clients it really doesn't matter, but i remember when i first worked with Alicia Keys I was so excited because I was huge fan of hers.

Lady Gaga

Alicia Keys

Courtney Love
What was Lady Gaga like to work with?

Actually I haven't done her nails for a while but when I met her she was very friendly.  She was also very professional.   

Is there a particular ‘look’ that you have been most proud of?

In November last year I made press on nail tips and minx nails for Barneys NY, Lady Gaga’s work shop. 
Naomi's designs for Gaga's Workshop at Barneys

 This project would have usually taken 4 to 5 months for me but I did everything in 2 months! I was so lucky to have an amazing team.

Naomi's Designs for Gaga's Workshop
Do you have a favourite nail polish brand?

I like Essie (they have a great brush) but also Dior and Chanel have very interesting colours.

What top tip would you give for keeping your nails healthy and gorgeous?

Always put on a base and top coat. Nails are part of your skin, so eat good proteins and you’re your vitamins to make sure your nails are healthy from  the inside.

What is the best part about your job?

I get to meet a lot of people. My clientele is very diverse.

She’s not wrong!!


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