Monday, 24 October 2011

gelSPA Luxury Bath Soak

I love baths. 

I’ve always been a water baby and there’s nothing I enjoy more than that slipping back into a deliciously warm bath, welcoming  and comforting with frothy bubbles, sumptuous oils or relaxing salts.

On average I purchase at least 4 or 5 different bathing products a month, trying to find ways to enhance by bathing experience and I’ve just found my new favourite item.


gelSPA is a Luxury Bath Soak like nothing you have experienced before. (I’m not just saying that, it really is like nothing you will have experienced before!)

The product is nothing short of miraculous, turning bath water into a luxurious, thick gel-like substance, infused with aromatherapy oils to help exfoliate, cleanse and massage tired, aching muscles.

Each gel bead can hold up to 4 times it weight in water and retains its temperature for up to four times longer, meaning you don’t need to top up the bath with hot water. 

gelSPA is available in 3 varieties and I tested out RELAX:

REVIVE infused with Rosemary to awaken the senses to kick start the day

SOOTHE infused with Juniper to help to relieve muscle tension and calm aches and pains

RELAX infused with Lavender, Jasmine & Bergamot calms both the mind and body ensuring a peaceful nights sleep 

Its really simple to use, each box comes with 2 sachets, one which forms the gel and one which contains salts to turn it back to water.

Run your bath as normal then empty the contents of sachet 1 into the bath.

Then get in. Its that simple.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a really bizarre feeling and experience! The water feels dense yet soft and the gel beads feel as if they are supporting your weight and massaging your skin.

The water looks cloudy with the gel in it
They tend to accumulate at the bottom of the bath but each time you move you can feel the relaxing sensation of them rolling over your skin. 

I loved the fact that the bath water turned a relaxing, blue colour which I felt enhanced the ‘spa’ feel of the product.

You can see the tiny gel beads which massage your skin
Once you have had enough and are sufficiently relaxed, you simple pour the salts within the second sachet into the bath and within 15 minutes the gel has turned back into water.

This is what you are soaking in
 After 10 minutes I found I was bored waiting for the gel to dissipate so I simply drained the bath and showered the remaining beads from my skin.

My skin felt squeaky clean and soft without being tight and dry, a rarity for me as I suffer with eczema.

At £10 for a one use box it may sound pricey, but it is the unique experience you are paying for and a real at home Spa experience.

gelSPA is available from Boots.


  1. That actually looks amazing!

    Madison x

  2. What the heck!! Thats crazy! I need to try this! x

  3. Kids have had this for years, its about time we had it too.

    I haven't had a bath in 4yr so this could coax me back in to one.

    I do of course shower every day may I add

  4. This basically looks like a adult version of the jelibath stuff they did/do for kids! Looks good though, I'll stick to my LUSH however.
    Lucy x


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