Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Body Shop New CBD Collection

 Your skin puts up with a lot. From pollution to hormones, changes in weather to environmental aggressors.

For me, stress is one of the biggest issues I experience with my skin.

When I’m feeling stressed, my skin is often the first thing to react. I’ll break out, experience sensitivity and generally end up with a dull, grey complexion.


 Lucky for me then that The Body Shop have just launched a new collection aimed at targeting stressed skin and it features the new buzz ingredient of the year, CBD.

 Enriched with natural-origin CBD, vegan squalane and hemp seed oil this new skincare trio have been created to smooth, soften and restore your skins moisture levels.

Hemp seed oil (also known as cannabis sativa oil) is a big deal these days, however The Body Shop have actually been harvesting this hero hydrator since 1992. 



Hemp itself is grown for fibres, seeds and flowers that are used for everything from clothing and food to medicine and moisturisers.

In skincare terms, it is famous for its essential fatty acids content, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids plus vitamins A and E, which your skin just loves.

It makes sense then that if you suffer from dry, dehydrated and stressed skin, that this key ingredient could really help restore your glow.


Begin your journey to healthier, nourished skin with their new CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask (£17).

This gentle and soothing oil-balm cleansing mask helps to deeply purify your skin without leaving it feeling stripped and dry.

Featuring a luxurious, rich gel-to-milk transforming texture and a delicate, refreshing green scent, it effortlessly cleanses your skin while imparting much needed nourishment.



Enriched with natural origin CBD, hemp seed oil, plant-derived squalane , olive oil and white clay it is suitable for all skin types (though is primarily aimed at those with a dry complexion), contains 99% ingredients of natural origin and is vegan.

I adore melting/transformative cleansers as they feel so decadent and this cleansing mask is no different.

Apply the gel-balm to dry skin and massage in circular motions before applying warm water and watch as it emulsifies, transforming into a delicate milky cleanser.



Skin is left feeling soft, supple and instantly refreshed.

Continue your skincare journey to brighter, healthier skin with their new CBD Restoring Facial Oil (£25).

The addition of a facial oil is something I would always recommend for dry/ distressed skin in any event and this oil is perfect.



Its lightweight, non-greasy texture and refreshing, soft scent leaves skin feeling instantly softer and pampered.

Used on freshly cleansed skin prior to your moisturiser, it locks in moisture, relieving the discomfort of dehydrated skin resulting in a brighter, healthier complexion.



Containing squalane and patchouli extract it is deeply nourishing oil which while is lightweight, may be a tad too heavy for oilier complexions.

Complete your Body Shop CBD experience with their CBD Replenishing Moisture Cream (£20).



Rich, creamy and silky smooth this fast absorbing cream gets to work straight away to soothe dry, troubled skin.



Wonderfully light yet deeply decadent, skin is left feeling soft and looking more luminous pretty much instantly.

Again, like the oil this is suitable for all skin types but I would suggest that oily/combination types use it sparingly. A little goes a long way.



The Body Shop CBD Collection is available online and in store now.


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