Friday, 30 October 2020

Nails.INC I Like You A Choco-Lot

 My name is Sarah and I’m self-confessed Chocaholic.

For me, chocolate makes everything better. Feeling sad? Have some chocolate? Feeling chilly? Have a hot chocolate. Feeling tired? Have an injection of sugar to keep you going, in the form of chocolate.

You get the gist- In short, Chocolate is always there for you!



Now, I never thought that I wanted or needed this, but when I saw that Nails.INC had launched a collection of chocolate scented nail polishes, I simply had to ty them.

It was simply non negotiable!



Nails.INC I Like You A Choco-Lot Nail Polish Quad (£22) comprises of four decadent, ultra-rich  chocolate inspired polishes.

Each polish has been created with the impressive Nails.INC longwear formula and features their patented, wide hugging brush for a flawless, precision application.



Simply divine to regard, each shade is scented in sweet, creamy, aromatic chocolate and features an indulgent ganache high shine finish.

‘I’m Dairy In Love’ offers an on trend, creamy soft nude while ‘Bean Around The World’ features a classic 60% milk chocolate shade.



A warm brown, it is  beautifully rich, sweet shade.

By contrast, ‘Don’t Be Bitter’ is a deep, dark 80% cocoa shade. 



More intense like a dark chocolate, it is a cooler, bolder shade.

Finally we have my favourite shade, ‘Everyday I’m Truffling’. 



This dazzling polish offers a liquid gold glint with a salted caramel shimmer.

Soft, delectable and with a rich shimmer it is a really beautiful shade.



Upon application the polishes smell like any regular lacquer, however once they are dry you can definitely notice a soft, subtle and sweet aroma of your favourite treat.

It is a fab extra touch but its not that alone which makes this set so stunning.



The shades are gorgeous and the formula is fantastic for creating long lasting, high shine nails that scream to be noticed.

The sumptuous hues are perfect for reflecting the colours of autumn and for getting you in the mood for warm, cosy days inside.



Nails.INC I like You A Choco-Lot nail polish set is available now and costs £22.


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  1. I love your flat lay! The chocolates the the perfect touch for these polishes! x

    Mari |


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