Sunday, 8 September 2019

Thierry Mugler Alien Fusion

 I simply ADORE Thierry Mugler and the fragrances he produces because they are so iconic, daring, eye-catching, captivating, ingenious and transcend anything else thats out there. 

Alien Fusion is the latest creation and it is every bit as daring and decadent, dramatic and flamboyant as its predecessors!

Fusion, as you may expect is a powerful and sensual oriental fragrance.

Inspired by a solar eclipse, this fascinating spicy floral oriental fragrance combines a flamboyant hot scent with an intriguing sensuality.

It is a complex scent lets just say that!

Lets first address the vessel, the bottle, whatever you choose to call it or when it comes to Alien, I like to refer to it as the ‘Gem’, in this case, a Ruby.

Its vibrant and brightly coloured glass is ever so slightly translucent and is coloured with an incandescent red, just like a precious ruby. 

It has been designed this way to represent the way in which the colour of a molten sun spreads a soft light of hope; essentially, the power of an eclipse captured in a bottle.

Bonkers but equally brilliant as far as I’m concerned and the scent itself is exquisite and complex and everything in-between.

The scent gets its name partly from the ‘fusion’ of hot-cold scents within the fragrance, making it a complicated but stunning scent.

There is an interplay of hot and cold contrasts throughout the composition where spicy and fiery meet gentle and sweet.

Top notes of warm ginger and spicy cinnamon fuse together creating a powerful and rich opening before tuberose offers a calming sensuality, eventually giving way to radiant orange blossom, the signature ingredient. It is at this moment that the hot-cold elements collide and create something very special.

The scent rounds off with opulent and iconic white amber which is intensified by the soft, mellow and warm notes of Madagascan Vanilla creating a fragrance which could essentially be a piece of art!

It takes a strong, powerful woman to pull off an Alien scent and Alien Fusion is no different.

Powerful, strong and dramatic it is a fabulous scent!

Alien Fusion is available now from The Fragrance Shop and costs £69.50 PLUS if you purchase now you’ll receive a matching red pouch.

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