Thursday, 26 September 2019

Sudocrem Giveaway

Sometimes, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get an absolutely awesome skincare product.

A high price tag is not always indicative of quality or a products ability to actually work or produce results.

In fact, there is one skincare product which has long been a staple in my beauty regime and will remain so forever and that product is Sudocrem.

For as long as I can remember I have been familiar with that iconic grey tub with the red and white logo. It was in my mother’s medicine cabinet, which was in very regular use throughout my childhood!

Whenever I’d come to her with a graze, sting or bump, she’d be there with her trusty tub of white magic to soothe and repair my usually self-inflicted wounds!

As I grew up, I discovered a multitude of different uses for this antiseptic healing wonder cream which has left me wondering if there is anything that this cream can’t fix!?

One of the main things I found myself using the cream for as a teen was spots.

My teenage years were not kind but I always knew that when I had a painful, red, explosion of spots that my little pot of magic would be there to help soothe and quickly help to reduce the inflammation of breakout.

As an adult, my obsession continued following the birth of my children where I found myself using it daily in the battle against nappy rash!

I’m proud to say I won and neither of my children ever suffered from that nasty, painful infliction, and I put that down entirely to my trusty sidekick, Sudocrem.

Did you know that they are a whole host of other ways that this little life saver can help you out too though?

Suffer with chaffing in the summer months or while cycling perhaps? Fear not, pop a handy mini sized pot of My Little Sudocrem in your pocket, to help soothe those red and irritated patches!

Treat sore, burnt and peeling sunburnt skin with a thin layer of the Antiseptic Healing Cream to help soothe where it hurts the most.

Suffering from sensitive, dry skin patches? Smother your troublesome patches with this soothing saviour and enjoy calm skin once more.

Sporting some patchy, uneven fake tan? Fear not. Simply apply a thin layer on any stubborn, dry skin patches prior to application as well as the palms of your hands and soles of your feet to avoid any fake tan disasters.

Love a holiday but hate the inevitable insect infestations and mozzie bites? Put an end to itchy bites and stings with Sudocrem’s superior soothing powers.

Banish cracked heels with Sudocrem’s Skin Recovery Cream. This handy little tube is perfect for smearing all over your dry heels before going to bed, allowing you to wake to soft, sandal ready feet!

You can eve treat scars and stretchmarks with this multipurpose pot (or tube!) of joy as it can help calm redness while keeping your skin in a soft, supple condition.

Now, tell me. Is there anything this cream can’t fix and to think, a 125g tub of this super cream costs just £2.99.

Experience the superior healing powers of this superhero product now by entering my competition to win one of 10 Skin Recovery Creams.

Compact enough to drop into your handbag, you’ll be protected wherever you go from here on in!

Simply fill in your details in the form below and keep your fingers crossed.


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