Monday, 9 September 2019

Prima Lash

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a regular user of false lashes, in fact, I find them embarrassingly difficult to use.

Aside from the fact that as a mum of two young children I don’t get out as much as I once did, im not the most delicate of people and my clumsy hands struggle with applying such fiddly, delicate pieces to my eyes.

That said, when I DO manage to escape for a night out I must admit that there is nothing I love more than a fab, fat, long and voluminous lash.

Feminine, fluttery and fabulous they just finish a look for me and offer length and volume that mascara simply cannot compete with.

I’ve flitted from brand to brand and style to style through the years and have FINALLY found a brand that offers the range and variety of lashes that I’ve been looking for.

Meet Prima Lash, the largest independent lash brand in the UK.

Sold on PLT, BOOHOO, INTHESTYLE, ISAWITFIRST and in many salons and boutiques around the UK, they offer incredible discounts on their lashes with 60% off the RRP plus free delivery, meaning that buying their lashes actually work out considerably cheaper than many on the high street.

Boasting over 400 different lash styles across many different categories including Strip Lashes, Russian, Classic and Lash Extensions they are a one stop shop for all your lash needs!

Prima Lash pride themselves on sourcing high quality products and presenting them in an aspirational yet affordable way. I mean, look at the beautiful packaging!

Loved by professionals and influencers alike, its easy to see why they are so popular when you are confronted by sheer amount of choice available.

There are literally hundreds of lashes to choose from to suit any occasion, look or budget but I particularly like their Velvet lashes.

This range are 3D Faux Mink which are made from high quality, synthetic fibres which are super soft to touch,vegan friendly and wonderfully fluffy!

Quick and easy to apply they can be re-used (with care!) up to 20-25 times! Now that is some value for money.

Beautifully lightweight and fluttery, they don’t weigh your lids down and are one of the most natural looking set of lashes I’ve used. Soft, thin fibres sit perfectly along your lash line, creating a gorgeous bambi, wide eyed, feminine eye-catching look.

Dainty is another style which I’m a big fan of thanks to the fact that each strand is tapered to closely resemble your natural lashes, creating a multi-dimensional effect that is comfortable enough to wear all day or night long.

Prima Lash’s multi packs are brilliant too, featuring 5 sets of lashes for an exceptional price for those of you who just love a false lash. Affordable yet luxurious, the lashes are far superior to any other’s I’ve tried and for the prices they are they are an absolute steal.

After discovering these I’m temped to bin my eyelash curlers and mascara and stick to the false lashes. They're just so easy to use and create a flawless look each and every time they’re used.

There’s nothing not to love.

Better still, they offer a HUGE 60% off orders purchased on their website using the code LASH60 when you spend over £100, making the lashes as little as just 56p within their 5 packs.

56p! You’ll not find lashes of this quality online for 56p let me tell you this for nothing!

Check out Prima Lash’s vast catalogue of lashes online now!

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