Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Smith & Sinclair Lick Your Scent

 What would you say if I told you I own an edible fragrance?
Laugh? Call me mad? Probably. But guess what. I own an edible fragrance.
Lick Your Scent is an edible fragrance, created like a perfume with layered floral and fruity notes that can be both be worn as a fragrance or used to enhance the flavour of an alcoholic beverage.

It sounds utterly bonkers right!
This is the brain child of Smith & Sinclair, a brand who are essentially the Willy Wonka for the adult world they have launched into the world a range of three Edible Fragrances.
The fragrances have a light, non-stick formula that uses only natural ingredients and can be spritzed on drinks from cocktails to tea to heighten their flavour or applied directly onto skin as a lickable perfume.

It sounds weird I know, why would you spray something into your drink or lick your perfume and yet I’m totally intrigued!
The three fragrances really are blended like a traditional perfume using base, mid and top notes and include key ingredients such as flowers, citrus, fruit, herbs and spices, inspired by the seasons.
The fragrances are available in Cherry Blossom and Mandarin (Spring), Watermelon and Citrus (Summer) and Pear & Vanilla (Autumn).

It is spring after all so I tested out Cherry Blossom and Mandarin.
I love that despite its bizarre and fantastic use it is housed in such an unassuming, chic and simplistic bottle.
The perfume features a base of Gin with sweet floral notes of natural Cherry Blossom which contrast with a sharp citrus Mandarin Oil to deliver a flavour that is both floral and fruity.

This fragrance is perfect for spritzing on a Negroni or any Gin based drink or to add complexity to a tonic water.
What an inspired idea. It tastes rather nice when licked directly off your skin too!
Smith & Sinclair’s Managing Director, Melanie Goldsmith, says;

“Indulging in a cocktail at home should be as equally playful and experimental as going to a Cocktail Bar.  We created these Edible Fragrances to facilitate this opportunity by reimagining the classic bar tool - the atomiser - for the home. To give it an edge, we looked to the beauty world for inspiration to create flavours that deliver mind-blowing scents and flavours whether sipped or licked off.”
These unique scents are one of those items that are perfect for gifting to the person ‘who has everything’ because I guarantee they won’t have this!
Smith & Sinclair’s new Edible Fragrances can be found at Harvey Nichols and online at www.smithandsinclair.com and costs £19.99.

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