Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Emma Hardie Purifying Pink Clay Detox Mask

I love a pamper and there’s no quicker or easier way to indulge than with a face mask.

One of my favourites at the moment is the Emma Hardie Purifying Pink Clay Detox Mask (£40).

This products name contains everything I’m looking for in a mask, something to both ‘purify’ and ‘detox’ my skin so already I knew I was on to a winner plus I’m a HUGE fan of pink clay because apart from its detoxifying properties, lets be honest, it looks feminine and super cute!

This botanical rich, gentle mask deeply cleanses and rebalances your skin, refining pores and exfoliating to remove impurities from your skin.

Unlike many clay based masks which I find can can be quite stringent, the Australian Pink Play within this actually works to improve your skins natural moisture levels while it refines and cleanses, so you won’t experience any tightness or parched skin post mask.

It also contains something called Defensil™ 2% technology, which is used at a clinical level to instantly reduce redness and inflammation which in turn creates a more even complexion while comforting Moringa Seed Oil which is rich in Vitamin C and E offers both antioxidant and environmental protection.

The mask itself has a gorgeous, pale pastel pink hue and contains a soft and delicate botanical aroma.

Rich, creamy and thick in texture, it glides onto the skin offering instant refreshment and comfort.

A thin layer is all you need, you don’t need to layer it on then simply sit back, leave for 10-15 minutes and enjoy.

I was expecting the mask to work in a similar way to other clay masks, where they eventually dry out and set, leaving your skin feeling tight beneath but I was really surprised to notice that this didn’t appear to happen.

The colour changed from a light pink to an almost beige skin tone over time and it didn’t dry out or cause any tightness beneath.

To remove, I simply soaked the Dual-Action Professional Cleansing Cloth which is included with the mask in warm water and gently massaged it off my face.

My skin was left feeling refreshed, cleansed, soft and rejuvenated.

Despite its detoxifying and exfoliating properties, the mask actually left my skin feeling well hydrated and moisturised too which I wasn’t expecting.

I absolutely love this mask for its excellent yet gently purifying qualities which seemed to pamper and protect my skin rather than stripping it.

It is now a firm favourite which I love to indulge in weekly to keep my skin looking tip top!

Emma Hardie’s Purifying Pink Clay Detox Mask is available now and costs £40.

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