Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Darphin Intral Collection New Launches

If like me you suffer with or are prone to experience bouts of sensitive skin then this post is for you.
Allow me to introduce you to two new products from Darphin’s Intral collection.

Created with sensitive skin in mind that is prone to redness the new launches feature a Toner with Camomile (£30) and a Redness Relief Recovery Balm (£48).

These gentle and soothing products soothe even the most sensitive of skins and contain a cocktail of plants and aromas, helping to tackle sensitivity and leave skin feeling calmed, comfortable and radiant.

I’ve fallen in love with this pretty, pink Toner and believe it or not, it actually allows me to begin to feel soothed just by inhaling its soft, delicate aroma!

This stunning lotion has been infused with Chamomile, renowned for its decongesting and anti-redness properties which has been blended with the Darphin Calm Complex.

Designed to be used after your cleanser, it helps to calm and soothe skin troubled by redness, irritation and intolerance. 

Gentle on your skin and non-drying, it features a soft, subtle scent which further adds to the calming experience and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh without a hint of tightness.

When your skin really hits rock bottom and is screaming out for relief then the new Redness Relief Recovery Balm will sort you right out.

Created with dry to very dry skin in mind, this soothing and super nourishing balm features an  exclusive Calm Complex of 3 flowers (Hawthorn, Peony and Chamomile) along with Bran extract, Glycosaminoglycanes, Vitamin E and Mango Butter to soften and nourish your skin while helping to reduce redness.

These potent ingredients don’t just nourish, they also work to soothe and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier to better protect it against irritants, pollution and environmental stressors which can age your skin.

I expected a very thick, slightly greasy product as this product has been called a ‘balm’, but I was very surprised that it was not in the slightest bit greasy.

Rich, thick and extremely nourishing it is completely non greasy and despite its richness it was absorbed quickly, leaving behind no trace other than wonderfully moisturised and calmed skin.

My dry patches felt instantly refreshed and the tightness and discomfort eased almost immediately.

A little goes a long way with this product so you don’t need to pile it on to achieve softer, soothed skin which is a great reflection of just how fabulously it works.

This duo are not cheap I know, but if your skin can be troublesome you’ll know that you’d pay anything to restore balance and calm and these two products really do help.

Darphin’s Intral Toner and Redness Relief Recovery Balm are both available now along with the rest of the Intral Collection here.

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