Friday, 26 July 2019

Limited Edition Angel Eau Croisiere

The first fragrance I ever loved and claimed as my own was Angel by Tierry Mugler.

I adore, sweet scents the gourmand notes contained with the iconic blue star has been my go to fragrance of choice since I was 17 years old. 

Timeless, elegant and delectable it is instantly recognisable and always comforts me with its sweet, powdery and soft notes, enveloping me like a warm hug from a familiar friend.

This summer Mugler has launched a stunning Limited Edition take on my favourite scent with the launch of Angel Eau Croisiere.

Croisiere translates as ‘cruise’ and the concept behind this scent is reinventing the cruise spirit for the iconic Angel scent.

It’s been a while since there was a limited edition Angel scent so I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on this lush badboy.

Created to mirror the freshness of the Mugler Fashion Cruise Collection, Angel Eau Croisier captures a sense of exotic and refined glamour within its multifaced bottle.

The blue star has been transformed into the summer colours of the season with a beautiful gradient of a summer sky, descending from a pretty link to a warm and luminous yellow.

Sunny, summery and exotic, it has been designed to reflect a long summer drink that is fruity, energising and refreshing with flecks of exotic sun ripened fruit hanging under the heat of island sun.

I wasn’t entirely sure how a fruity element would work with the traditional notes of Angel being bergamot, patchouli, vanilla, honey, caramel and praline but do you know what, Angel eau Crosiere is absolutely gorgeous!

Described as a ‘fruity oriental’, it manages to retain the same addictive experience that I so love about the original Angel scent while bringing a pop of summer to the table.

While it features top, mid and base notes it really presents itself as having two main elements to this delicious scent, the first being an Energising Cocktail facet.

Notes of juicy mango and luminous, sparkling grapefruit blend with decadent and sweet blackcurrant sorbet to create a scent reminiscent of a fruit cocktail.

Meanwhile the other element, the Voluptuous facet features familiar notes of soft, sweet, addictive praline and patchouli, echoing Angel’s gourmand signature scent.

The combination of the light, sweet fruity notes paired with the soft, gourmand signature notes is not one I thought would work but it really, really does.

Once the original hit of fruitiness dies down you’re left with a wonderfully soft and sweet scent which is lighter in some ways than the original Angel and is perfect for warm summers days.

Upon spritzing it you could close your eyes and easily imagine that you’ve somehow been instantly transported to warmer, tropical climes. 

Like Angel it smells good enough to eat and leaves you craving the feeling of warm sun on your skin and a tropical breeze in your hair. 

Angel Eau Croisiere is available now from Escentual where it is currently on offer for £40.80 down from £48 for 50ml.


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