Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Bobbi Brown Foundations

Not too long ago I decided that I needed to invest in a really decent foundation.

I rarely have the opportunity to get all dolled up these days (I am the proud owner of a 5 year old and 3 year old) so life is busy and the occasion to wear a full face of make-up has all but gone, but on the rare occasion that I do get glammed up I wanted to find the most perfect foundation.

I’m a huge fan of Bobbi Brown and trust their formulas and products so booked an appointment to get colour matched and check out their two key foundations.

Both products are available in an astounding 43 shades, so you are guaranteed to find the correct shade to match your individual skin tone.

(For the record I’m shade 0.5 Warm Porcelain)

Firstly I tried the Foundation Stick which offers medium to full coverage.

Suitable for all skin types, their iconic stick features a transparent base with skin tone correcting pigments, creating a natural, glowing look.

Deliciously rich and creamy yet weightless in texture, the foundation glides onto your skin effortlessly and blends seamlessly, mimicking the look of healthy, radiant skin.

I’ve always been a little wary of creamy, stick foundations in the past on account of my oily skin.

Past experiences have taught me that stick foundations can be a little too heavy for my greasy skin, resulting in shiny patches and slippage throughout the day.

Not so with Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick.

You can see three differing shades of the stick foundation on the photo taken during my colour match. 

I then kept the foundation on all day and I can reveal that it did not budge and in fact I was no more greasy or shiny than I would be with any other foundation that I usually used, which really impressed me.

Reading into the foundation I discovered that it contains an innovative blend of emollients including olive extracts and shea butter to moisturise your skin while light diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals perfect the appearance of skin and reduce shine.

Impressive stuff!

I must admit that despite being proved wrong by the foundation stick, what I really wanted to try was their Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation. Liquid foundations are within my comfort zone; I know how to apply, blend and wear liquid foundations!

Plus, this foundation is marketed as a 16 hour, full coverage, matte foundation and god known I need all the help I can get with keeping a matte look matte.

This fluid is created by a high speed cold fusion process resulting in an ultra-silky emulsion that features a perfectly balanced blend of skin-loving ingredients, oil controlling actives and skin-true pigments.

Beautifully smooth and lightweight in texture despite its full coverage promise, it glides across your skin like silk leaving behind a second skin feel.

Unlike many matte foundations that can leave your skin looking artificially dull, this foundation contains a multidimensional matte finish, creating the illusion of healthy, radiant and flawless skin while maintaining a shine free look.

The pigments within the fluid are precisely balanced to skin's top tones and undertones and are suspended in an emollient gel base which floats on the skin, reflecting light to deliver the most natural-looking appearance while instantly concealing dark circles, redness and discolouration.

I LOVE this foundation!

Despite being tested during the heat of summer it doesn’t crease, streak, fade or disappear throughout the day.

It is super easy to blend and doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy or clogged, probably in part thanks to its non-acnegenic formula with marine sugar cane and natural mineral powders to help control excess oil and shine.

Don’t worry though if you don’t suffer with oily skin because it also contains moisture-binding glycerin to deliver long lasting, refreshing hydration so your skin feels balanced and comfortable throughout the day.

Both foundations are brilliant, quality products and depending on what you’re looking for from a foundation, between the two you’ll unquestionably find what you’re looking for.

Bobbi Brown’s Skin Stick Foundation and Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation are both available now in store and online, are available in 43 shades and cost £32 each.


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