Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Mary Kay Enchanted Wish

Enchanted Wish is the captivating new scent from Mary Kay.

Priced at a ridiculously reasonable £29 for a generous 60ml sized bottle, I’d part with my cash purely for the bottle.

Just look at this stunning piece of art!

Captured within a multi-faceted bottle with a soft blue hue it really is the cap that steals all the attention.

Whimsical, undeniably feminine and just simply gorgeous the cap is essential the head of a flower. 

Its soft purple colour radiates through it curves and contrasts the blue of the bottle perfectly.

The scent itself was inspired by women who find enchantment in the everyday and this fragrance is indeed very enchanting and alluring itself. 

Enchanted Wish opens with top notes of juicy granny smith apple, orange oil Brazil, white pineapple and sweet and soft candied petals.

Charming and intriguing, these notes give way to stargazer lily, radiant peony, fresh ozone and sweet passion fruit.

They add an almost fresh, light-heartedness element to the scent while base notes of decadent brown sugar, warm amber and illuminating musk wrap the notes together to create a fragrance that manages to capture a beguiling and enticing scent that is nothing like I would have imagined.

To look at the bottle (and I know they say never judge a book by its cover but sometimes you can when it comes to fragrances)  I was fully expecting a heady, romantic but ultimately floral scent and this is not at all what Enchanted Wish is.

Fresh, fruity and sweet it is a gorgeous spring time scent.

Mary Kay’s Enchanted Wish EDT is available now and costs £29 for 60ml.

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