Monday, 19 February 2018

The Body Shop Lip Juicers

I LOVE a cute Lip balm- let’s be honest, who doesn’t.

It will come as no surprise then to hear that I’m head over heels in love with The Body Shops new range of Lip Juicer Balms (£7 each).

These fabulous, compact and cute new additions are 100% vegan and scented with smoothie-inspired combinations, leaving a wonderfully fruity, mouth-watering experience!

Available in 5 gorgeous shades each juicer is enriched with Community Trade shea butter, marula oil and organic olive oil to deeply nourish, repair and protect your lips.

I have three of the five flavours; Kiwi, Kale & Watermelon, Acai, Blueberry & Dragon Fruit and Strawberry, Pomegranate & Aloe and it’s almost impossible to decide which Juicer I love the most!

I adore my kiwi, kale and watermelon as it possesses the most overwhelming scent of watermelon which is both refreshing and delicious!

Rich, thick and a pleasure to apply thanks to its easy glide-on applicator, it does a fab job of keeping my lips soft and nourishing and because it is so rich it lasts for ages without needing to apply it again.

Equally I’m a huge fan of my strawberry, pomegranate and aloe Juicer as this flavour imparts a delicate and pretty hint of colour within the balm.

Soft, subtle and natural I adore its delicate shade and am addicted to its sweet, fruity scent!

Lastly but by no means least is the Acai, Blueberry and Dragon Fruit Juicer which is more exotic flavoured than the other two, provides a more powerful pop of colour yet is equally addictive!

Soft and more subtle in scent it is a beautiful, rich and more highly pigmented balm which leaves your lips drenched in a soft, purple tone.

I really love these balms.

I love their cute and quirky design, vivid and bold colours, deliciously fruity scents and super hydrating qualities.

Trust me, you’ll struggle to just choose one as your favourite too!

The Body Shop’s Lip Juicer Balms are available now and cost £7 each.


  1. They are very cute!! I do love a lip balm, may have to give this one a try

    Janay Andre

  2. Hi! Is that the strawberry or the coconut one? I'd really like to purchase one! And I do like that colour

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