Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dermalogica Calm Water Gel & Barrier Defense Booster

If like me, your sensitive skin can feel dry, dehydrated and in need of some serious TLC during the cold winter months then you’ll be very happy to meet Dermalogica’s two new hero products.

Allow me to introduce you to their Calm Water Gel and Barrier Defense Booster, both of which are housed within their Ultra Calming range.

Having sensitive skin no longer needs to be an issue when trying to tackle your skin concerns thanks to Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming range which has been designed specifically for sensitive skin.

The new Calm Water Gel (£44.50) is as beautiful and comforting as its name suggests.

This feather-light, weightless moisturiser effortlessly hydrates and nourishes your dry, sensitive skin.

It features a dual Hyaluronic Acid technology which allows it to work in different skin surface layers offering superior hydration and locking in moisture where it’s most needed. 

Elements of Apple Fruit Extract and Glycerin help to hydrate and soften your skin as well as preventing any additional dryness while Cactus Pear Extract helps to soothe sentitivity and imparts water-binding properties to help to support a healthy moisture balance.
Oh and plus, it smells beautiful. Think delicate, calm and relaxing lavender. Simply Bliss.

The texture of the product is that of a super lightweight gel and it is absorbed almost instantly into my skin leaving behind no trace other than soft, hydrated and refreshed skin.
It is a gorgeous product that is perfect for skin like mine, which is both sensitive and prone to being a tad oily. It is wonderfully light on your skin, leaves no oily residue and despite its lightweight texture, manages to sooth, calm and nourish even the driest areas of my skin.
The new Barrier Defense Booster (£69.50) has launched alongside this gel as while it is a product that can be used alone, it is also fabulous at enriching and complimenting your pre-existing moisturisers.

 This rich, concentrated oil has been created to soothe, nourish, moisturise and restore balance to your dry, sensitive skin.

It features a triple defence complex which nourishes your skin, relieves dryness and reinforces your skins barrier integrity against future irritation while Squalane locks in moisture and oat oil helps to combat sensitivity.

 The oil can be used in one of two ways; either prior to your moisturiser or it can be mixed with your moisturiser for those times when your skin need a little extra nourishment and boost.

Like the gel, the oil managed to be both rich and nourishing yet lightweight and non greasy.

It possesses the same soft, addictive and calming scent as the Calm Water Gel, making it the perfect partner for the gel for those of you who may find they need a little extra nourishment. 
I personally love using the Barrier Defense Booster oil of a night time as a special treat for my skin overnight.

I dispense 6-10 drops into the palm of my hand before rubbing my hands together and gently patting the oil over my face and neck.

Once it has been absorbed I pop my night cream on top and come morning my skin is feeling nourished, soft and looking beautiful.
It is a great little product for allowing you to customise your moisturiser depending on your skins needs as they change from day to day.

If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin I cannot recommend this duo more highly.

Dermalogica’s Calm Water Gel  and Barrier Defence Booster is available now from their website where they cost £44.50 and £69.50 respectively.

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