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QVC TSV: Alpha-H Three Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal Trilogy

I’m a big fan of the brand Alpha-H and was very excited to see their upcoming QVC TSV on February 10th.

Meet the Alpha-H three piece liquid gold complexion renewal trilogy. 

This fab trio combines nature and science with state of the art peptides and next generation fruit acids to resurface, refine and renew the appearance of your skin.

What’s even more special about this TSV is that it includes Alpha-H ‘s brand new product, their Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream!

So, the collection comprises of their Balancing Cleanser, Liquid Gold Supersize and Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream.

Their balancing cleanser is perfect for skin like mine, which can’t decide what it’s doing. One day it’s oily, the next it’s dry and sensitive. Who knows what it’ll be tomorrow!

Gentle enough for sensitive skin yet highly effective at removing even waterproof eye make-up, this creamy cleansing lotion contains aloe vera and Vitamin E to calm and soothe irritated skin while working to thoroughly cleanse and tone your skin.

Massage onto your face before adding a few drops of water to create a creamy emulsion before rinsing off with warm water to leave your skin feeling clean, soft, nourished and looking beautiful.

I’m not entirely sure why but I expected this cleanser to leave my skin feeling a little tight or parched, but I was pleasantly surprised to note that it felt neither of these things!

Up next is the iconic Liquid Gold, but not as you know it! Supersized and featuring a snazzy new look bottle this hero lotion has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth, reduce skin roughness and improve your skins moisture content.

This multi award winning resurfacing treatment contains 5% glycolic acid and uses a state of the art delivery system to lower your skin's pH from 5.5 to about 3 which stimulates cellular activity. 

This in turn helps to accelerate the skins repair and renewal processes, radically improving the texture and appearance of your complexion.It may sound quite intense but it’s nothing to be nervous of!

You need to acclimatise your skin to the fluid (to minimise any redness that can occur) so to begin with it’s recommended that you use it on a dampened cotton wool pad at night time after cleansing, once a week for several weeks before gradually building up to 3 neat applications per week.

When I first applied it I did experience a little tingling on my skin which caused me to immediately panic, however a little tingling is actually quite normal.

For best results you are supposed to forgo your night cream or serums and allow the Liquid Gold to work its magic overnight, which is exactly what I did.

Several weeks in I can confirm that my skin is looking brighter, more radiant and my regular stress induced breakouts have become far less severe. It’s easy to see why this is such a cult product!

Lastly but by no means least is their brand spanking new Firming Eye Cream.

Packaged in a cute, delightful little tube with gold cooling applicator tip this powerful and advanced little lovely works to combat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin roughness with its quadruple peptide technology.

It contains next generation Lime Pearl AHA’s (found in the rainforests on the Australian East Coast), multiple skin brighteners and illuminating diamond particles which help to create the ultimate soft focus ‘photo finish’.Lightweight yet rich and hydrating, this scent free cream immediately drenches the eye area in moisture, making you feel awake and less tired.

It is absorbed quickly and leaves the most perfect, flawless base for your concealer.

I’ve only been using this for a short period of time so the jurys out on its ability to lessen the appearance of wrinkles etc however in an independent clinical study it was recorded that 92% of participants saw an improvement in their skins smoothness, 88% saw an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and 88% reported and improvement in their skins elasticity and firmness.

Impressive stats eh!

If you were to buy this trio separately they would cost you a pretty penny. A regular sized bottle of Liquid Gold will cost you £33.50 and the eye cream alone will set you back £49 however on QVC on Saturday February 10th you will be able to grab yourself a real bargain.

I can’t reveal the exact price but I do know that this collection will be on sale for under £40. 

Under £40 for all three products. 


If you simply can’t wait to tune in until the 10th then fear not.Click on the below link after 10am today (Thursday 8th February 2018) to gain online pre-sale access this absolute bargain.

Man, there’s little in life that I get excited about as much as fabulous QVC TSV!

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  1. I just bought the cleansing cube the other week and im loving it its so nice to have an AHA in my body care too!

    Andrew James -


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