Monday, 12 February 2018

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

Bobbi Brown have recently launched their Extra Glow Collection, a self declared “beauty dream team of products for creating fresh, glowing skin.”

Lets be honest, who doesn’t want glowly skin!

Nestled within this new range of gorgeous products is one of their best selling products, the iconic Illuminating Moisture Balm.

This fabulous balm has been updated and features an innovative new package and is now available in two skin flattering shades; Pink Glow and Golden Glow.

Designed to be used as a luminising moisturiser or even layered over your skincare, this skin boosting balm features pearl particles captured within a nourishing, hydrating balm to leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Skin looks instantly revived and beautiful thanks to the illuminating pearls as well as feeling plump and hydrated.

I opted to try the gorgeous new shade Pink Glow which I felt would better suit my pasty, pale, porcelain skin tone. (Darker skin tones would definitely benefit from trying Golden Glow).

Housed within a sleek and chic cylindrical tube with pump action dispenser, you are provided with just the right amount of produce for use with each pump.

Lightweight yet rich in texture and smelling absolutely divine (think delicately aromatic and relaxing) you can immediately see the way in which the balm catches the light, giving off a beautiful glow.

Soft and easily absorbed, the balm delicately melts into your skin leaving behind a subtle, ethereal glow which gives the illusion of instant radiance, so even if you only had a few hours sleep the night before, your skin won’t give you away!

I found that the subtle pink-hue help to lift my complexion even better than the original Bare Glow, and helped to impart a delicate hint of colour onto my tired skin!

I chose to use the balm as a replacement for my usual moisturiser as my oily/combination skin probably wouldn’t cope with the balm on top of a moisturiser but if your skin is on the dry side then I reckon you get away with using both.

While it may be subtle enough for every-day use you can also use the balm on your neck, shoulders and décolleté to highlight and illuminate for a gorgeous extra glow on a night out.

When I don’t feel like wearing make-up I still find myself using this balm because it really does help to boost your complexion and make you look more radiant.

Shame it doesn’t come in the bucket load really as I’d probably bathe in the stuff!

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm is available now, is available in 3 stunning shades and costs £44.50 each.

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  1. Looks like a great product! Does it have SPF? I love more glowy than matte products like these!♥


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