Thursday, 18 June 2015

Murad Blemish Clearing Solution

Trying to combat breakouts can be a nightmare at the best of times, but throw sensitive skin into the mix and you’re looking at a nightmare.

Many spot busting products can be too strong for my skin but thankfully I’ve come across Murad’s Blemish Clearing Solution.

This milky coloured solution has really helped my skin in its time of need when angry breakouts occur and has helped to get rid of them quickly without aggravating them further!

The powerful anti-blemish forumula helps to rapidly heal breakouts and supports the healing of inflamed, stressed out skin.

Salicylic Acid and Queen of Meadow extract exfoliates and prevents dead surface skin build up while fighting breakouts, keeping pores clear of blemish causing bacteria without irritation.

Tea Tree Oil purifies skin and prevents future breakouts and Its Vitamin blend helps soothe and supports healing of inflamed skin.

It has the perfect combination of hard working, spot fighting ingredients and skin loving, soothing ones which ensures that your skin is looked after.

The product itself is a cloudy, light fluid which you apply to your face or other problem areas such as your neck and chest after you’ve cleansed and before you moisturise. 

It has a very subtle, pleasant scent and is absorbed super quickly into your skin leaving no trace.

There is no nasty stinging sensation or alcoholic smell often associated with blemish treatments and it doesn’t leave your skin feel tight or sore.

It’s as if you’ve not used anything on your skin at all in fact!

Research from Murad says that 96% of users saw clearer skin in 72 hours and I’d be inclined to agree with these stats.

Blemishes were reduced in size and redness within 24 hours and in my opinion, cleared far more quickly than without any treatment at all.

Now, this serum is pretty pricey at £39.50 BUT Id you only use it when you need it it’ll last you ages, like it has me.

If you have sensitive skin like me but still want to help clear your skin then I’d say Murad’s Blemish Clearing Solution is definitely worth a shot.

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