Monday, 15 June 2015

Patisserie De Bain Hand Creams

A must have for any handbag has to be a hand cream and Patisserie de Bain have some VERY sweet ones for you to swoon over!

Inspired by sweet childhood memories, each nourishing and gentle cream contains shea butter and glycerine to moisturise deeply and leave your hands feeling super soft and smelling gorgeous.

Available in 5 sweets, I was fortunate to take a look at four of them!

(Missing is Strawberry Cupcake which I image smells just as amazing as it sounds!)

Sweet as Cherry Pie smells uncannily just like a cherry pie! Think fruity cherries and sugary, warm pie with a hint of almond. Its delectable!

Lemon Bon Bon has a refreshing lemon scent with most of the zestyness calmed with a sugary undertone. Just delightful!

Cranberries & Cream Is definitely one of the fruiter versions with ripe cranberries smelling fresh and delicious.

Sugared Violet reminds me of a softer smelling version of those parma violet sweets you used to get!

Each cream is really thick in texture but sank into my skin surprisingly quickly leaving absolutely no reside or greasiness  behind.

They did however, leave a very sweet, delicate scent behind!

Each cream costs just £2.65 from Superdrug so you can collect all five and have one to suit any mood!

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