Thursday, 18 June 2015

Little Mix Reveal Their Debut Fragrance Gold Magic

Little Mix have taken the plunge and like a many a pop star before them have finally taken the plunge and launched their debut fragrance.

Say hello to Gold Magic.
 Opening with a burst of playful hints of fruit, the captivating powdery velvet heart, pretty violet tones and more aqueous watermelon are both refreshing and sophisticated.

The base is musky and warm but also sweet and hypnotic.

The bottle is irresistible and glamorous to touch, both modern and classic in
shape. Around the neck of the bottle is a stylish initialled charm, a playful sign off from
the band themselves.

Expect the unexpected as even the gold of the box is not the obvious choice of gold and emanates warmth with subtle tones of bronze. Intricate in detail with texture and depth achieved through complicated layers of clever design. 

Each of the girls appear on the four facets of the box with an ethereal backdrop to leave you totally bewitched!

Gold Magic will be available nationwide from 24th June and here’s some of the things that the girls has to say about their debut scent!

You must be so excited to be releasing your very first fragrance, has this always been your ambition?

JADE: We actually can’t believe we have a fragrance it all feels very ‘Popstar’. We’ve wanted one for ages and when SAS approached us we thought it was the perfect time and opportunity.

Love the name! Did you come up with Gold Magic together?

PERRIE: It stemmed from our single Black Magic, which is all about hidden confidence.
We wanted the fragrance to capture the same message. You could say it’s our ‘secret potion’.

You’re all so unique in your own ways; do you each have a favourite note in the fragrance?

JESY: Yeah we all kind of picked the sort of ingredients we liked, I love the fruity smells so I chose red apple.
PERRIE: I chose mine based on the taste- I love lemon meringue!
JADE: I love the freshness of watermelon it reminds me of summer.
LEIGH-ANN: My favourite smell was the raspberry and they all worked really well together.
Q6: How do you want people to feel when they wear your fragrance?
PERRIE: Confident and glamorous!

There are so many fragrances now, what makes Gold Magic stand out from the crowd?

JADE: We’ve gone for something sophisticated with the heavy bottle but at the same time the charm
makes it playful. We all really love it and it’s something we all wear all the time which is really
important to us as we want it to stay true to us for our fans.

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