Monday, 23 February 2015

Natural Ketosis : The Fat Burn Stage Weeks 1 & 2

So, I was under no illusion that these first two weeks on my Natural Ketosis diet were going to be HARD.

In the first few days, my body was going to get a shock thanks to the vastly diminished amount of carbs and sugar it was used to. I was prepared to feel pretty shocking as my body transitioned into ketosis (burning excess fat as energy).

I was told that it can take anything between 1 and 2 days to reach ketosis, as my body used up all its carb stores, but that everyone was different.

I went out and bought some Ketostix (something you pee on that measures the levels of ketones in your urine) so I would be able to physically see when I had reached that milestone.

(Id like to point out however, that it is not recommended that you use these, as they are designed primarily for diabetics and the level of ketones in your urine can vary throughout the day. Negative results can be upsetting and even if it is negative, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t losing weight or changing shape, so don’t do as I did and get stressed if you see a negative, just bin them!)

Right, onto the food.

An example of what you can eat on a daily basis is outlined below, and I followed this completely.
During this phase you can also have unlimited protein such as chicken and eggs, 40g of cheese per day, a nut bar or bacon crunch snack per day and one chocolate treat per week.

Seriously, this was more food that I’d been eating when I wasn’t dieting!

So here’s how it was. The first 3 days were HARD. I craved bread and chocolate something rotten and I felt extremely tired and lethargic.

I was however, never hungry. Whenever a pang hit me, I was ready with my boiled eggs, chicken, turkey or Natural ketosis snack. It was brilliant!

You are encouraged not to calorie count and not to swap full fat items for low fat as too few calories will slow your metabolic rate and many low fat products have lots of sugar and starch in them.

During this phase my favourite meal was the Beef In Peppercorn sauce and Chicken  and Mushroom Fricassee. Both are so flavoursome and yummy, I was really impressed.

 I did often add some extra chicken to the meals just to bulk it up a bit more too, that's what you can see in the photos.

While I’m not a huge fan of soups, the Thai chicken soup was again, really flavoursome and not at all bland.

I found myself really looking forward to my bacon crunch snacks, which are as close to crisps as you’re going to get, and my chocolate coated raspberries at the end of each week were a delight!

I don’t usually like dark chocolate, but after having nothing for 2 weeks, these were heavenly!

Progress so Far:
As mentioned in my last post, I shant reveal my weight or measurements but I will reveal my losses.

I have lost 6 pounds! 6 whole pounds! I am over the moon and so happy, it’s a massive achievement and has really given me the motivation I need to keep going!

I have also lost 1 Inch from my waist, 1 from my hips and 1 from each thigh!

I’ve never had such amazing losses in such short periods of time before! Don’t get me wrong, I know weight loss can and will slow down, but for now, all the hard work has been worth it!

Bring on phase 2, the Fast Inch Loss Phase!


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