Friday, 13 February 2015

My Natural Ketosis Weight Loss Journey: Part 1

I have no idea how much weight I gained during my pregnancy.  I knew that stepping onto the scales was going to upset me, regardless of knowing that it was all for an amazing reason, so I didn’t.

I did however, step on shortly after my son and I was horrified by the numbers I saw. I had NEVER been this heavy before and I promptly burst into tears.

I won’t reveal the numbers I saw on the scales (Indeed, I won’t reveal my weight at any point- no one knows how much I weigh apart from me, that’s just too personal for me to reveal) but suffice to say they were high. So high that according to the BMI calculator I used, I was classed as obese with a BMI of 32.4.

I wasn’t sure how much I weighed before getting pregnant, but I could have done with losing a few lbs at that point anyway so estimated I must have gained about 3 ½ stone.

I breastfed for 12 weeks  and then at 3 months begun bottle feeding my son, so I didn’t embark on any diet until then as I was worried about it affecting my milk supply.

Between April and November I managed to lose 2 stone, mainly down to calorie counting, but it was hard and I spent most of the time feeling hungry, which sucked.

I gave myself Christmas off and decided that in the new year I needed to get back on it in the hope of losing the rest of the weight and hopefully, a bit more too.

I couldn’t face calorie counting and permanently being hungry again so searched for a better option for me.

While I’m not a big meat eater, I had dabbled in diets like The Atkins before and knew that low carb high protein diets yielded good results while allowing you to eat a decent amount of food to stave off hunger.

Trouble is, they are hard to stick to and I rarely made it past 4 or 5 days without turning to bread or cake.

This time though, I was determined. I needed to make a change and I wanted to change too.
This is how I came across Natural Ketosis.

The Natural Ketosis Company was started in 2005 to help people change their body shape the natural and sustainable way. Inspired by the effectiveness of a high protein, low sugar and low starch diet for weight loss,The Natural Ketosis Company produces a range of natural foods that will make the transition from fat gain, to fat burn, as easy and as sustainable as possible.

This sounded good to me, so I tried to order a plan online only to find that I was unable to do so.
I had to request a call from a member of their team before I could go any further. Initially I found this odd as with most diet plans you can just order online right away.

The call came and I quickly realised why they work in this way. The Natural Ketosis company is far more than just a company hoping to flog you diet food, these guys actually CARE about your journey and every plan is bespoke and designed for your individual needs.

I must have chatted for about 40 minutes about my goals, my eating habits, why I wanted to lose weight, or as they like to say, ‘change shape’.

They explained in detail how this eating plan worked.

The human body can only convert food to fat with the help of a hormone called Insulin. Producing too much Insulin will mean the body constantly converts food to fat.

The release of this fat storage hormone is triggered by eating sugars and starches. As well as storing broken down sugars as fat, Insulin also restrains processes which burn stored body fat. When you restrict starchy and sugary foods from your diet, you hinder your body’s ability to store fat.

Through the Natural Ketosis Programme you will not only stop storing fat, but actively burn the fat your body has already stored.

Aside from the benefit of halting fat storage, controlling the release of insulin also helps control blood sugar levels. Without the spikes and dips in blood sugar levels, mood can be controlled and hunger kept at bay. Consistent blood sugar levels also leaves you feeling highly energised and vital.

Due to the nature of the plan they need to assess your suitability for undertaking it and indeed, if you do not fulfil their requirements you will be unable to undertake the diet. I’ve never come across such a responsible diet company before and was very impressed.

They also took time to explain to me just how hard I might find it at times, what with cravings and getting used to eating in a totally different way, but they also reassured me that they wouldn’t just leave me my food and run. I would be able to pick up the phone at any time and call them for support and advice.

I knew I was going to need this as support and hadn’t realised it came as part of the plan.
After our consultation I was advised that in order to reach my target goal, (losing 1 ½-2stone or two dress sizes), that I should undertake the 3 month eating plan which consists of 4 stages.

Fat Burn: Your first box is designed to trigger your body into a metabolic change called ketosis, which will mean you start to burn fat fast.

Fast Inch Loss: Now firmly in ketosis, your body will be burning fat and changing shape as you lose inches. In your Fast Inch Loss box we increase the variety of meals, so you are now able to enjoy our full meal range and some extra puddings and treats expertly designed to ensure you remain in ketosis.

Transition: During transition we help you move from a dependence on our meals, to a new lifestyle which you can maintain, independently, while continuing to meet your inch loss goals.

Independence: During the final phase of The Programme you will be preparing all lunches and dinners for yourself. Only breakfasts, snacks and treats will be provided in your Independence delivery.

I knew that this was the plan for me, so we arranged for my first box, my Fat Burn box to arrive with me the following Monday.

It was time to change and I was excited and nervous too!

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