Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Electric Hair Serum

In my opinion, your hair can never be too shiny, soft or silky.

It just can’t. That’s probably why my hair product draw is busting at the seams and right at the top of that draw is Electric’s hair Serum.

Designed to smooth down flyaway hair and leave split ends looking healthy and shiny, this light, non oily serum is my go-to product time after time.

I tend to only use serums on wet hair before I blow dry due to the fact that my hair is prone to greasiness and can look a bit lank with too much product, however this bad boy is for use on dry hair.

The ‘How to use’ tip suggests using 2 drops of the serum, but I personally found this to be far too much for my hair. 

One drop was sufficient and I rubbed the product between my hands, leaving a very fine film, then smoothed it over the length of my hair gently.

It smells gorgeous and fresh, just like clean, freshly washed hair. It finishes your look perfectly by adding diamond shine to your locks without creating any heaviness which may weigh it down.

You can grab your shiny hair in a bottle aka Electric Serum from their website where it costs £17.

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