Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ariana Grande to Launch Debut Fragrance

Popstar and part time diva (allegedly!) Ariana Grande is the latest celeb to announce that they’ll be launching their own fragrance.

Due for release this September, Ariana says;

My fans have been asking me to do a fragrance for a while so I am beyond excited to share this with them, to be able to express my creativity in this new way, and also incredibly grateful to have partnered with LUXE Brands

Maybe I’ve been living in a hole or something, but hasn’t she only had like 3 songs out?  There was me thinking that stars had to climb their way up the ladder before reaching the dizzying heights of fragrance launches, but it seems that even newcomers are giving it a go these days.

Did this news surprise you, or am I totally in the dark ages and have missed her epic rise to super stardom?

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