Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Very Secret Santa Blogger Challenge

 I was contacted a little while ago by Very who asked me if I’d like to take part in their Secret Santa Blogger Challenge! 

Intrigued, I agreed!

Basically, Very would match me up with another mystery blogger, and  I would then get to choose a Gift for them from the huge range of fab gifts from, up to the value of £20.

At the same time, someone would be given me and would get to choose me a gift too!

This sounded like a fun thing to do to bring together the blogging community, so once I’d been given my Blogger to buy for, I popped over to their blog to see what kind of things they may like!

With some ideas in mind, I then headed over to and used their fab Gift Guru app, which helps you to filter gifts for different people based on the kind of things they like!

  I then chose something I thought they’d love and waited.

Today, MY secret Santa gift arrived and I was sooooooooo excited!

I tore off the wrapping like a child and delved into the box to find...

A GORGEOUS Yankee Candle!

You will probably know from previous posts, and my secret Santa definitely noticed, I’m a HUGE Yankee Candle fan, and to come face to face with a huge, Fireside Treats, toasted marshmallow smelling candle made me squeal out loud!

I have absolutely no idea who chose this for me, but please allow me to thank you! 

I love it, its perfect and you’ve made my day!

Thank you too to Very for asking me to get involved and for having such a great range of gifts to choose from!



  1. Ohh how fantastic! Yankee Candles are the best x

  2. Yankee candles are great, I love this scent too! So great for winter

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. Glad you liked it! My stalking senses were right ;D

  4. This is a lovely gift! You can't go wrong with a Yankee Candle

  5. Yankee Candles are amazing i totally agree!


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