Friday, 15 November 2013

Beauty News! Disney's Maleficent to get own MAC Cosmetics Line

Check out this tidbit of beauty news that’s just come to my attention, courtesy of British Beauty Blogger and WWD!

Disney’s self-proclaimed Mistress of All Evil, Maleficent, of “Sleeping Beauty” fame, is getting her own MAC Cosmetics line this spring to coincide with the upcoming film starring Angelina Jolie.

The first motion picture collaboration for MAC, the limited-edition collection will include 11 stockkeeping units, including face, eye, lip and nail products.

Oooooohhh! I love MAC and I Love Disney!  In fact Sleeping Beauty is number 2 on my favourite list of favourite Disney Films, so I am doubly excited! 

I’m excited to see the film too and watched the teaser trailer earlier this week, and it looked pretty fab!

Enjoy a little look here if you haven’t already seen it.


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  1. Sleeping Beauty is my second fave Disney film too - my favourite being The Sword In The Stone.

    I like Sleeping Beauty for 2 reasons - 1. Maleficent is awesome. 2. Prince Phillip puts in more effort than some Disney princes I might mention - he's got a fire breathing dragon and a forest of thorns to compete with.



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