Monday, 4 November 2013

Mama Mio Clean Slate Cleanser

Ok so, I am currently still waiting for the glowing skin that they all say comes with being pregnant.

Since the day I found out I was expecting, I was especially excited at the prospect of my glowing and healthy skin. Alas, no doubt due to a little bad luck and to the huge amounts of hormones that are currently surging through my body, this has failed to happen and I am instead, looking a mess.

My skin is as greasy as hell and prone to both small whiteheads and large, sore under the skin cysts.

Thankfully, there is a brand that has come to my skins rescue, Mama Mio, a brand who believe in giving you fit skin for life and their cleanser, Clean Slate has been my best friend now for months!

 Clean Slate is a deep cleansing, SLS free, lightly foaming gel that feels like it kisses your skin clean!

It smells beautiful, botanical almost and never, ever leaves your skin feeling tight or dry thanks to its 5 eco-cert cleansers set in organic Aloe leaf juice with pre plus probiotics, firming proteins and moisturising omegas.

I cannot recommend this cleanser more highly!

It doesn't foam up or dry out your skin

 It was gentle on my sensitive skin, didn’t dry out or strip my skin of its natural oils and it didn’t irritate my already irritated and sore spots.

The smell was extremely fresh and relaxing and I almost feel like I’m being treated to a mini facial every time I use it!

Now, yes it does cost £22.50 for a 150ml bottle, BUT I have had mine for almost 3 months now and I still haven’t used it all, PLUS I’d have been prepared to pay so much more for a cleanser that actually worked and loved my skin back!

Mama Mio’s Clean Slate is available from their website.

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