Monday, 4 November 2013

CK One Mascara

The beauty world never fails to amaze me. Whenever I think I’ve seen something truly fab and original, something else comes along that blows me away even more.

This time, it’s this mascara from CK One.

‘Looks like any ordinary mascara’ I hear you say, and yes indeed, outwardly it might.

Packaged in a sleek, sophisticated signature CK black and white tube, this mascara is hiding a secret.

So you know you can buy Mascaras for different purposes- ie, some are designed to give you extra length, some more volume, well this mascara delivers both, a two in one product if you will.

Look a little closer at the wand and you’ll notice you can twist the top of it, and in doing so, adjust the length and position of the bristles!

The wand goes from being long and sleek, to shorter and twisted!

Long to lengthen and lift

Twist the top of the wand to provide a shorter set of bristles and more mascara for more volume, then twist the wand back out to define, lift and lengthen your lashes. 

Shorter for more volume

Maybe I’m easily pleased, but I thought this was absolutely genius, and I think I can tell a difference in the type of look I get depending on which way I twist the brush!

I used the shorter bristles, designed for more volume on my eye on the left, while my eye on the right was treated with the long bristles, for length and lift.


Granted the difference is rather subtle, but I could notice that my left eye definitely had more volume than the right.

After: Eye on the left used the short bristles, eye on the right used the long ones

 I really love this mascara, not just because of its amazing dual use for different looks, but because the formula was sleek, silky easy to apply and not a total nightmare to remove.

The two in one wand when used in combination creates long, voluminous lashes, and I have a great time applying it too which is always a bonus!

CK One Mascara is available in 5 different shades and costs £17, available from Debenhams.

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  1. I love trying a new concept! Always sucks me in. This looks like a good mascara & makes your lashes look full & longer.


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