Wednesday, 20 November 2013

CK One Lipgloss

I love lipglosses. I love that they make your lips look kissably shiny and plump and that especially in winter, they leave a lovely thick layer of moisture over your lips, which stops them drying out.

I do not love how gloopy and sticky they can be  

(Think, gust of wind, hair in face, stuck to lips then dragged across your face. Lovely!) 

I also do not love how some coloured lipglosses are actually not all that pigmented and hard to apply evenly.

When I Came across this Lipgloss from CK One, I was a bit confused, as It was really highly pigmented and totally non gloopy or sticky- I’d liken it more to a balmy stain if I’m honest.

Anyway! I tried out the shade MAD which is a gorgeous dark red.

You can apply the gloss thickly to create a more vivid look or just slick a small amount on for a hint of colour.

Swatched thickly

The lightweight, creamy gloss slides onto your lips, leaving them feeling really moisturised and the colour lasts for ages without bleeding or feathering, like a red lippie might.

Swatched Lightly

I was actually really impressed and found myself wearing this more regularly than I would my trusted red lippie, because let’s face it, wearing red lippie is hard work! 

CK One’s Lipglosses are available from Debenhams and cost £12 each.

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