Friday, 15 June 2012

Q&A With TOWIE Hottie Cara Kilbey

Meet Cara Kilbey. 

Sister to Tom, best friend to Billi Mucklow and 100% resident TOWIE hottie!

With her bronzed complexion, long, glossy flowing brunette locks and killer smile, this girl has looks to die for.

Today, I speak to her in the hope of finding out how she gets so damn gorgeous!

 What’s in your make up bag today?

The girl loves her M.A.C Make up!

Can you share with us one of your top secret beauty tips?

I swear by MAC Wipes because there a real life saver after a big night out, I leave them by the side of my bed so i always remember to take my make up off before i fall to sleep.

Sudocrem is also a great one its amazing on spots and sorts out all sorts including dry skin and is so reasonable to buy.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When i have a planned outfit for a night out and have given myself enough time to have my hair and make up done.
Cara even managed to look gorgeous after running the London Marathon this year!

What Make up brands do you love?

MAC is my ultimate favourite. I'm forever parading around MAC Stores searching for new products and Illamasqua - I also absolutely love that brand.

Do you have a beauty Icon?

My beauty icon would have to be Elizabeth Taylor. She is old school glamour. She had the most amazing brows back in the day.
The late, great Elizabeth Taylor

Have you ever had a beauty disaster?

When i was younger i never used to use a foundation brush to apply my foundation so it always used to slide off half way through the day. Now when i look back at old pictures i think ''What were you thinking''?

What was the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

Always keep your face out of the sun and wear an SPF at all times. The oldest, most beautiful, stay that way.
Cara with co-stars Frankie & Billi

You recently admitted to undergoing liposuction- why did you decide to have this done?

I've always had hang ups about my body, i think every girl probably does.

I've never wanted to be skinny, i do love being a curvy girl, i just had stubborn fat in stubborn areas that i just could not budge. 

Going forward with the SmartLipo MPX performed by Dr.Ayoubi was a good choice and I'm really happy with my body now.

How does it look and feel now?

I look more toned and smooth. The scars are so small that you cant even notice them like a 2cm horizontal line. 
Cara looking stunning with her bestie, Billi

Would you consider having anymore surgery?

I would never say never. I would expect that once having children I will want to have my boobs re-done.

What advice would you give to someone considering cosmetic surgery?

Find out everything you need to know about the cosmetic surgery you're looking at having.

Choose a surgeon you have heard good things about and then look into their work. Make sure you are making the right decision, don't just jump into it. 

You always look stunning on TOWIE. Where do you get all your fantastic, glam dresses from?

I tend to buy both designer and high street and mix them up. 

Some of my favourites are: Prodiga Fashion, Matthew Williamson, Celeb Boutique, Preen.

Cara is fronting a new charity initiative called 'Shade Aid' that will help people in Africa stay safe from the harmful effects of UV rays, by giving them your donated sunglasses. 

For a full location list of drop-off points, and further information please visit



  1. I love cara- one of the actually most naturally beautiful girls on the show!

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