Friday, 15 June 2012

Beach Bound Brits Beauty Habits

New research released today reveals that nearly half of Brits would rather stay at home than go on a beach holiday without thorough preparation to ensure they were body beautiful. 
The survey, commissioned by TV and online retailer QVC to celebrate its June Beauty Month, quizzed 2,000 British adults on their summer beauty habits and revealed that they spend up to three working days preparing their bodies for a beach holiday and that nearly half of women wouldn't step onto the beach without wearing make-up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my make up, but I’d never wear it on a beach! No sooner than i put it on  it would melt off!
Some of the pre-holiday beauty treatments that Brits confessed to investing in to ensure they look their best on the beach include getting a haircut, having a wax and giving themselves a cute mani and pedi.

 Others ensure that they have luscious lashes by getting them tinted and having extensions, while others chose to invest in a personal trainer!

 Whilst 71 per cent of women admitted to making an effort in preparation for a holiday to keep themselves happy, 37 per cent confessed that it was to impress their partners whilst they were away.

It’s easy to see how women can be influenced into thinking there is a certain way one should look while on the beach.

You only have to open up any woman’s magazine to see a photos of a plethora of celebs enjoying their beach holidays, looking stunning in an array of gorgeous bikinis, but which celebs do the British public think look best on the beach?

Ranked number one is Kelly Brook followed by Elle-the-body-McPherson.
 Louise Redknapp and Kim Kardashian are ranked third and fourth, with Colleen Rooney and Liz Hurley coming in fifth and sixth.

Personally, Kim K does it for me. 

Think what you like about her, but id give my right (and probably my left) arm to have her figure!

So, what do you think? Do you spend longer than 3 days preparing yourself  for your beach holiday?  Which celeb do you think rocks the best beach look?



  1. I don't really go on beach holidays, but if I were to, I'd want to make sure I look relatively good! I wouldn't bother wearing make-up though, I don't see the point! x
    Sirens and Bells

    1. I know, what is the point?! I know i'd end up looking a big greasy mess! x

  2. I've never had a beach holiday, I'd get bored lying around all day plus I don't tan so it's cities for me. If I did go on one though I would love to get a personal trainer for a few weeks before going so I would look at least half decent in a bikini! x


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