Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Marshmallow Blends

As you all undoubtedly know by now, I have a real thing for all things sweet and this love for
Sugary, sweet things ranges from sweets that you can eat, to beauty and body goodies.

I've never been a big fan of overly floral scents, both for perfume and body products, but I've always loved sweet smelling goodies.

For a long time, the sweetest smelling things I could get were be the coconut or melon body butters from the body shop, which left me pretty limited.
  Imagine then my delight last week when I stumbled across a website called Marshmallow Blends on a fellow bloggers site.

There they wrote about a cupcake body butter and other impossibly delicious sounding body products.

Well that was it, I was there.

Marshmallow Blends is a company that creates and sells deliciously scented body products for sweet toothed ladies like moi.

Founded by blogger Nicoletta the website is a treasure chest for all things sweet, I felt like I'd entered willy wonkers factory!

Nicoletta hand makes fresh body butters, lip butters, body scrubs, massage candles and some of e most beautiful looking soaps you'll ever lay your eyes on!

You really need smell- o- vision to truly appreciate these products.

The body butters were beautifully light, creamy and with a sumptuous aroma at lasts all evening.
The Body Butter melts into your skin
The lip butters smelt good enough to eat, with the Amaretto smelling warm and soothing, while the maple syrup left me hungry for pancakes.

I’ve placed my second order in a week for some other goodies which i can’t wait to try, and with the body butters costing just £5.99 and the lip butter’s £3.99, I don’t think it will be long before I have sampled the entire range!


  1. :) thanks so much for such a lovely review of the products xx

  2. Very nice!!
    Visit my blog, we can follow each others :)

  3. I love Marshmallow Blends! I recommend the Caramel Cupcake body scrub, it's AMAZING, smells like fudgey cupcakey goodness!


    1. Oh man now i have to go back and order that too! I'm currently waiting on a Bakewell Tart Massage Candle! Mnnnnn x

  4. Gosh I wish I could smell these! xX

  5. Thanks for the review and how i wish i could also smell them. :)


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