Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Katy Perry's Wide Awake Video Looks

Today see’s the launch of the official music video for Katy Perry’s single ‘Wide Awake’ the final chapter from Teenage Dream: The complete Confection.

Unlike the majority of her light hearted, sugary-pop esq videos

Think California Girls 

 This one is far darker 

And I’m not just talking about her hair colour

 Set in a stunning labyrinth the Fairy-Tale-esq video sees Katy journey through the threatening, impossible maze to come out the other side victorious and happy, after facing various trials and disturbing imagery throughout .

I have to say, I didn’t think i would, but I love the gothic look she’s rocking in this video with the emphasis on her Smoky eyes and deep coloured, plum lippie.

 As always, her skin looks luminous but is also beautifully matte with just a very subtle hint of blush.

Upon emerging unscathed and victorious from the dark depths of the labyrinth with a younger version of herself, Katy’s make up is transformed.

 Say hello to a natural, girly look with pale pink lipglossed lips, a slick of mascara and delicately lined eyes. 

She completes her transformation from vampish goth into pretty flower lady with stunning, intricate little flowers on her skin tone nails which have the tips coloured in pastel blue's, yellow's, green's and pink's.

Both looks are clearly stunning on Katy, but which is your favourite?

Watch the video below and decide for yourselves

Are you loving the new, dark, tortured Katy look or her more typical, pretty, girly one?



  1. I love those nails! So pretty but i bet they're a pin to wear! xx

  2. she looks fab in this video, the first look (makeup and fashion) I would love to rock for Halloween.

  3. I think she looks absolutely stunning and it's nice to see her in a totally different look. I really like the darker gothic look, it's not too much but just enough to give a real contrast to her usual sugary sweet style.

    That said, I do love her when she comes out shining the other end and the 3D floral nails are amazing! xx

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  4. Definitely need to watch this video! From the pictures, I prefer the more Gothic look, but I'd usually choose a more Gothic look over the girly one anyway! x
    Sirens and Bells

  5. Love the video and think she looks absolutely beautiful in every part of the video. :D


  6. I think she looks amazing in every single look! The video is brilliant xx

  7. I love her!! :)

  8. Just now being introduced to this video, and yes, I've been living under a rock. ;P

    I LOVE the full-on Goth look! I'm always amazed with the Gothic-look depiction in television and movies. It ends up being vastly different than the way Goths wear their make-up in real life. As with Katy's look in this video, if anyone is a fan of NCIS, you might remember how dark Pauley Perrette's original lip colour was when the series started and how it was almost black, but as the show progressed and she was still portrayed as a Goth, her lip colour then moved to red, and finally to a pink colour, almost a nude. And by that time, though, through the constant reinforcement of the suggestion that she was a Goth, at least with me, you just never noticed that her look had continually softened from the very realistic, hard-edged Goth look worn in that sub-culture.

    I get called Goth a lot, but I'm not. Although I do love my dark nails and dark cherry lips and have a nose ring, I don't go around dressed in black or visit Goth bars to find other like-minded Goths. And no, I just don't see how they draw that conclusion.

    But Katy's look really wasn't Goth, if you think about it. Her eyes, while kind of smoky, weren't heavy on the colour; her lips weren't even a dark red or dark cherry--they were more like a very wearable plum for any day of the week (it was pretty), and her hair was a dusty purple, instead of the normal black choice for Goths. Even her gown, while a very Gothic style (looking as if it blended styles from the early Medieval period as well as the mid- to late 1800s London), was purple instead of the normal black. Just take a look/shop your nearest Hot Topic and you'll see what I mean.

    But yes, love her all the time, but she just seemed so much more interesting in this video with this look rather than the standard candy-bubblegum brights she's usually in for her other videos.

    BTW, I have a tiny criticism: "flowers on her skin tone nails which have the tips coloured in pastel blue's, yellow's, green's and pink's...."

    You have misused the apostrophe part of the time. In the words, "blue's, yellow's, green's and pink's" you incorrectly put an apostrophe to denote plural, but yet you didn't use one on the words "flowers, nails or tips". Apostrophes should be used *only* when denoting possession of a single noun, or the possessive of a plural noun that already ends in "S", such as Gauss's (the normal word being Gauss).

    It's a very widely-made mistake made all over places like Facebook and looks pretty bad; it can cause one to lose their credibility, especially in business or when self-marketing products.

    I always try to mention it if I catch it.

    Anyway, I found you by Googling the colour used on her nails during the Gothic segments, and I was disappointed that you didn't feature that photo. I know it's some kind of blood-red-looking colour, but would you happen to have found out what it is? It looks wonderful against her ivory/fair skin, and since I also have light skin, sometimes I can't find one that actually works with my skin colouring.

    Thanks so much!


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