Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Thursday 29th- 3 Days In

Thursday 29th- 3 Days In

So, today it appears I don't have an awful lot to tell!

I've not been anywhere or done anything, which has been nice as I felt shattered after yesterday.

I have discovered however, that I have developed an allergic reaction to the nickel in the hook and eyes on my garment, resulting in itchy, sore lumps along my side, which is always nice!

The itching has been driving me crazy too- wait, have I not mentioned this?

Oh boy, the persistent, un-scratchable, all consuming itching all over my torso that no lotion or potion will help to soothe.

 Julie told me yesterday that it was due to the nerves that had been damaged in the procedure, rejuvenating and healing and the itching is a by product of that.  It’s all happening beneath my skin and  therefore creams won't help.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased I'm healing, but I feel like a cat with fleas or a kid with nits. All I want to do is scratch!

I don't know what's worse,  the continual dull aching pain, the constant unquenchable thirst, the swollen, tight itchy skin, the painful throbbing bruises, the blistered skin from the allergic reaction to the metal on my garment, the gut ache that won't go or the not be allowed chocolate...... Hmmm

 By the time by hubby got back from work I was practically climbing the walls so he took me to my parents for a cup of tea as a distraction, which thankfully, temporarily worked.

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