Thursday, 10 May 2012

Friday 30th- 4 Days In

Friday 30th- 4 Days In

I slept pretty well last night and was able to sleep on my sides finally which was a god send as I hate sleeping flat on my back!

Today is the day I get my last drain out, the one in my back. The two  in the front didn't hurt that much it also wasn't pleasant, so I'm not hugely looking forward to it again but hey ho.

The swelling is pretty much the same as yesterday, as is the itching, but they are both bearable. I do have some lovely yellow bruises now though!

Head HERE to see the photos.

I head up to town with my hubby on the trains today to avoid the hours spent sat in traffic in the car, as seen on previous journeys, as I am to have my drain out at 2:30 and a lymphatic massage at 3.

It's hot, it's busy, my garment is tight and baking hot and the combination of all of these elements result in me feeling extremely drained, faint, nauseous and emotional by the time I reach the clinic.

I cry to the nurse that I'm in pain, I ache, I'm hot, I'm scared of having the drain removed. She was lovely, bless her, and she did her best reassure me and removed the drain in a matter of seconds. Painlessly.
I felt pretty stupid to be honest.

Onto the massage. I collapse onto the sofa in the waiting room, enjoy the coolness of being indoors and sip my water until the nausea dissipates.

The massage was once again, lovely, gentle and relaxing. I really didn't want it to end, least of all because I didn't want to go back out in the heat!

Yes these garments may be wonderful at what they do, but by god they are 1. Uncomfortable, 2. Hot and 3. Occasionally cause me to experience bouts of claustrophobia!

It's due to the 3rd point that I was dreading washing the garment I had been wearing since Monday and putting on my other one.  It’s recommended that you buy more than 1 garment due to the need to be wearing one 24/7 and obviously, these need to be washed at some point.

To think, for the past few days i have been referring to my flesh toned garment as a prison. 

A prison? Yeah right- i hadn’t seen anything yet.

Compared to the tightness of this new, black, evil one, my friendly, trusted, item had felt more like a gentle caress or a soft friend gently hugging my tummy into place.

This new one, feels like hell. I really hope it softens!

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