Monday, 14 May 2012

The Body Shop Limited Edition Lily Cole Collection

The Body Shop has launched a Limited Edition, cruelty free make up range as part of their collaboration with model Lily Cole.

The range, like everything from The Body Shop, contains no animal products and has never been tested on animals.

The collection comprises of two distinct colour stories- pretty pink and cool coral, both of which are gorgeous, girly and fab for spring and summer.

Out of the entire collection i fell in love with three products in particular, the stunning  Lip & Cheek Domes (£10),  the Peal Radiance Primer (£12) and the exquisite Shimmer Cubes (£16) in iridescent pinks and lilacs.

Pinch me Pink & Crazy for Coral 

 I love the look and design of the Lip & Cheek Domes and loved using them- they’re so round and chunky and fun to use!

Pinch Me Pink

 The product is almost like a delicate cream blush, which isn’t greasy at all and when applied  feels powder soft.

Crazy For Coral

I wouldn’t apply to product directly on my lips from the dome as i recon I’d end up with it all over my face, but i love just rolling it on the balls of my cheeks for a pretty, subtle and spring like look. 

I’ve always been a big fan of The Body Shop’s Shimmer Cubes for their highly pigmented formula’s and long lasting looks.

The lilacs and pinks in this palette number 24 compliment each other perfectly and are easily bendable.

 They have just the right amount of shimmer in them and Tint it Pink could definitely be used as a hi-lighter.
Now, I really wanted to love the Pearl Radiance Primer but for me this fell a little short of my expectations.

While it undoubtedly looks stunning in its packaging, when dispensed the pearl beads and the primer liquid fail to mix together successfully. 

You are left with slightly lumpy, pink, iridescent glimmer globules and a sleek, transparent primer fluid which separate.
When massaged into the skin they work together better but you are left with a very shimmery look which i felt for me, was a little too much.

Available from The Body Shop on May 24th the range also includes a Liquid Eyeliner (£9), a Mini Brush Set (£14.50) and a  Puff On Radiance powder (£16).


  1. I'm loving the look of the peachy/coral shades. It's a shame about the primer, it looks more like a highlighter with the glopy consistency. Thank you for the review

    Thanks for the review.

  2. I love the lip/cheek domes. Its great that Lily Cole has done this as she is a pale skinned girl, so i think this will be suitable for all us pale skinned girls, where as alot of make up brands leave us on xx

  3. I can't wait to try out the primer! I personally love shimmery blushers/primers as it brightens my complexion up, especially when I haven't had any decent sun time. And I second what Samantha said- great to see a range for us pale faces, not a tangerine coloured foundation in sight! xxx

  4. The Primer looks like the one from Guerlain.
    Maybe I'll try this but the Collection will be available later in Germany I think?!

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