Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Monday 2nd April- 1 Week Post Op

Monday 2nd April- 1 Week Post Op

SO! It’s been a whole week since i underwent my vaser lipo and my current state is best described in one word.


For this reason i decided not to take a set of photos as they would not be a true reflection of the procedure or me. 

My body has undergone a traumatic operation and it needs time to heal and settle, so in one week from now i will begin to photograph the changes.

I’m back to work tomorrow after my 6 days off but other than some moderate discomfort, I’m feeling pretty O.K.

Not much has changed since a day ago, the pain continues to subside and in a week i will be taking my first proper set of before and after photos which I’m extremely excited about!

For now, I’m continuing with my daily massage after my showers to aid healing, I’m seeing Julie once a week and I’m using my Beauty Works Ultrasound massage whenever i can.
Roll on next week!

(Please note: Due to the fact that I’m aware you are all chomping at the bit to see the first set of before and after photos i will be posting these for you tomorrow so make sure you come back for the first big reveal!)

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I just want to offer you my support! I too had a similar procedure at The Private Clinic back in January (though I used the fat to make my boobs bigger!!). I can assure you that all the pain and discomfort is worth it and in a few more weeks you will have forgotten all about it...just in time to really start enjoying your new figure :) I am really happy with my results and I'm sure you will be too. Can't wait for your reveal!


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