Monday, 21 June 2010

Tummy Tucker!

Like most women out there who haven’t been blessed with washboard abs and a tight toned mid-drift, i dislike my tummy. Immensely.

Don’t get me wrong there are PLENTY of areas of my body i that i would happily change, but my belly would be a great place to start!

Despite regular trips to the gym and lunches consisting of just cans of tuna, i cant seem to obtain this incredible tummy!

So.... whilst browsing the internet for a quick fix miracle cream, i came across a product by Rodial called Tummy Tuck and decided to give it a go!

4 weeks on i have to be honest, i havent noticed a massive difference. The wesbite says use it daily for 8 weeks for up to 2cm's off your abdominal area, but i havent even lost 1cm.

It goes on beautifully and feels silky smooth. The smell, whilst not unpleasant isnt wonderful and the results dont seem to live up to the hype.

I have however noticed that my skin feels tighter after having used it- taughter and tighter, so perhaps im judging too harsly, my tum was never as smooth and tight as this before, but for £100 i suppose i expected more.

If there is indeed such a lotion or potion out there that can make you lose weight, tone up, reduce cellulite and give you the body of Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston without having to starve yourself or make a fool out of yourself at the gym, i havent found it yet. This doesnt mean that i wont keep searching!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Mini tummy tucks are indicated when there is not a lot of loose skin or stretch marks and only the part of the abdomen below the navel protrudes. It can be combined with mid-section liposuction for greater results.

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