Friday, 16 April 2010

Magic Wands

Mascara. The absolute staple of most women’s make up bags. The one cosmetic that most women would want to go without the least. The item of make up that if you were totally bare faced and about to meet Gerard Butler but didn’t have time to put your face on, that you would choose to slap on first (don’t lie I know it is! And when I met him it was the first thing I re-applied!!)

Mascara can make a look. You can go from flat to fab in a few strokes of a mascara brush wand! Its no wonder they call it a ‘wand’ as what good mascara can do for your look and your eyes is nothing short of magic!

For years and years I’ve been totally loyal and faithful to Max Factor More Lashes. I loved this product and never used any other mascara. It didn’t have too much product on the brush, it didn’t make my eyelashes clumpy and I was forever being asked what mascara I used. For some reason Max Factor discontinued this in 2008 and I was devastated!

My eyelashes have never been the same * sob * until I bought Diors DiorShow, Backstage Make up Mascara.

‘’Inspired by the runway and behind-the-scenes tricks, DiorShow Mascara gives lashes a triple-shot of glamour, leaving them luxuriously thick, lengthened and curved to the max. Its easy-to-use XXL brush is generously curved for maximum coverage, while its logo-stamped silver packaging makes it a fashion must-have for every handbag!’’

Dior does not lie! I was slightly daunted by the massive brush that was revealed when I took it out of the mascara, but this product is amazing! It provides just the right amount of product and the long fat brush means that even your tiny eyelashes in the corner of your eyes get reached, leaving long, thick eyelashes with not a clump in sight.

Its not cheap, retailing at around £25- but if your lashes are less Va Va Voom and more Blah Blah Blah then it really is worth the investment.


  1. I love this stuff. They do a wonderful true black one too. It's like applying make up with a bumblebee!

  2. Haha thats EXACTLY what its like Duggers!


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