Friday, 16 April 2010

Phloof! And as if by magic!

Let me make something clear, I LOVE MAC. I love the way their cosmetics look, the way they are packaged and the way they make me feel when they are on my skin!

Given my love for their products, it surprised me that it was only very recently that i came across one of my now FAVOURITE Mac eye shadows called Phloof.

I'm getting married in August and after a disastrous make up trial have decided to do my own make up on the big day. I’ve been looking for a gorgeous yet subtle colour that will give my eyes a bit of a shimmer and will work well with other shades to allow me to blend the colours together to create my perfect look. Phloof is amazing for this!

Using an ordinary eye shadow brush i dusted it across my eyelids and up and under my eyebrow. It creates a beautiful and subtle pinky colour which I’ve found works really well as a highlighter too when dusted above your cheek bones and under your eyebrow. This makes this product even more of a gem as it works as a two in one and id say it is just as good as Benefit's High Beam

I've been blending it with dark coffee and toffee colours to try and create my Wedding Day look, but it could be used alone or wioth a multitude of different colours as it is so versitile!

The colour lasts all day and didnt need to be topped up. I love love love it and couldn't recommend it more highly!

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