Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Breathable chocolate??!!

Yes really. Breathable chocolate. AND coffee.

Now i know this is not strictly beauty related- however as this new company Le Whif markets this product as 'Chocolate without the calories' i figured it really did deserved a mention!

The actual chocolate 'container' looks a lot like a lipstick and is about the same size. You simply grab the base of it, lift the top part of the container upwards until it clicks, place the top of it in your mouth and inhale GENTLY. I made the mistake of taking a full on lug and almost chocked as what felt like cocoa powder rushed into my mouth and stuck to my throat leaving me spluttering like a fool.

Choking aside it actually tasted reasonably nice. Im not a massive fan of dark chocolate, and it definitely had a slight bitterness about it, but all in all it was rather pleasant! There was no nasty after taste, just that satisfying taste you get after having a mouthful of chocolate. The raspberry chocolate Le Whif was far more pleasant, as you breath in the particles you could almost imagine you are savoring the taste of a yummy truffle!

The incredible part is that one Le whif contains enough chocolate for up to 8 puffs, and one container has only 1 calorie in it!

Granted it is clearly NOT the same as eating a big bar of Galaxy or Dairy Milk, but then it was never going to be. However, for those of you trying to diet but unable to rid yourselves of your chocolate cravings, i could actually see this working.

The only catch? £1.99 per Whif.

It currently comes in 4 flavors; coffee, chocolate, mint chocolate and raspberry chocolate. It is due to be launched in stores in the UK within the next couple of months but until then is available to buy here.

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