Friday, 25 June 2010

The Surgery free way to luscious lips!

Think of some of the most beautiful women in the world then think about the one thing that they have in common. Angleina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba. They are all beautiful and they all have gorgeous, full lips!

Since forever it has been known that a full pout can drive men crazy- it is a sign of femininity, softness and beauty

Along with a flat stomach, smooth thighs and a tight butt, this isn’t a feature that the majority of the population have been blessed with.

However, worry no more as there is a product out there that actually does work. I have used it for years having discovered it purely by chance when the brand first came to the UK. This miracle product is called Lip Injection by Too Faced

Dont be put off with the name ‘Lip Injection’ or the fact that the packaging includes the image of a needle, this stuff works!!

It has the consistency and smell of a lip gloss, glides on with a brush and has a lovely very subtle pink colour to it.

Almost immediately you will start to feel a tingling on your lips which feels a little like bit like your lips are being pricked by lots of tiny pins. The sensation only lasts a couple of minutes and then voila, take a look at yourself.

Your lips will have turned a deeper colour of red, where I can only assume the product has stimulated them, and you will without a doubt notice a difference to the size and volume of your lips.

I’ve found that the effects last for several hours, but you can always top up if you need to.

You can buy Too Faced Lip Injection from most department stores or Boots.

Note- make sure you do not get this products on any other part of your face as it temporarily turns the skin red!!! A mistake I made at great cost when I liberally slapped it all over my mouth, neglecting to keep it within the lines of my lips. I looked more Ronald Mc Donald than Angie Jolie. Not a good look and not recommended.

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