Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Whats In My Everyday Makeup Bag

As a busy mum of two small kids aged 5 and 3, I rarely have time to glam.

Ok so I never really ever get time to glam, but I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what I DO have time to place on my face on a daily basis and do you know what, I was thoroughly shocked.

There I was thinking I pretty much slap a bit of concealer on and draw my brows on before heading out the door, but no no my friends, this seems to not be the case.

According to my photos and catalogue of products I use, I pretty much glam up every darn day!

I’m most confused. Particularly given that I do my makeup sat on a bean bag, in our lounge (by the window for natural light, obvs) while simultaneously trying to down my now cold cup of tea while breaking up 50 billion arguments between the kids at 8:15am.


Yet, here we are ladies and gents. The contents of my makeup bag which I basically wear every single day.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick (£30.50) I only received this recently so I’ve been trying it out. I don’t like the large clumpy stick for application but I DO like its ability to keep shine at bay and my make up staying in place all day long.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (£32)  I love this foundation for medium coverage when your skin needs a little help but you don’t want to look overly made up. Silky and with great coverage its my go-to. Reviewed in full HERE. 

YSL Touche Eclat (£26) Yeah, I have a 5 year old and 2 year old. Nuff said. Could use this stuff in the bucket load.

Clarins Instant Concealer (£22.50) I maintain that this is THE BEST concealer you’ll ever use. Fabulous coverage, great for concealing dark circles, stays in place, feels like it hydrates your skin and I’m sure there’s a full review HERE. 

YSL Eyebrow Pencil In shade 05 Ebony (£21) Again, full review HERE but the best eye brow pencil in terms of shade and texture EVER. Expensive? Yes, Worth it? Yes.

HD Brows Palette (old school packaging but in Vamp and now RRP £30) My brows have been overplucked for years so once I’ve used my YSL Pencil I use  touch of this to fill in the missing spaces where my eyebrows should be. Sigh.

Instant Effects Lip Plumper (£24.99) I’ve always wanted full lips and actually had lip fillers recently (more about that another time) but I always apply a generous slick of this plumping serum to my lips and leave it for a good 20mins or so before applying my lip colour. And yes, it does plump your lips but without any of that horribly cooling or tingly sensations you get with so many plumpers. 

Benefit Hoola (approx £22) I’ve used this as my go to bronzer for as long as I can remember and for that reason it never leaves my make up bag!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (£18.70) Reviewed in full HERE this is my fave Benefit mascara. Curling, lash separating and it creates mental length with no flaking or smudging. Winner.

The Vintage Company Eyelash Curler (£7) Soft, gentle and easy to use these bad boys turn my flat as a pancake lashes into something that’s really curly, I cant think of anything right now but they’re reslly good and a great price point too. 

Kiko Milano Sweetheart Baked Blush in Just like Coral (no longer available) I just love its iridescent, non flat, colourful blush that adds colour and rightness to your complexion. 

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In a Palette Natural (£49) for the Highlighter (I hit the Pan on the Blush which was shade POP which was a sad day) Best highlighter out there- soft and champagne in colour it blends over your make up seamlessly leaving you looking your glowing best.

O'Keeffe's Lip Repair Unscented Lip Balm (£3) Cheap and cheerful this has to be THE BEST lip balm I’ve ever used. Thick and rich in texture its not fancy, it doesn’t smell, it has no colour but boy does it stay put and apply a generous amount to your lips at night before bed and wake to soft, gorgeous lips.

PIXI Lash Line Ink -Black Silk (£12) Sleek, highly pigmented and easy to use it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and it stays put. Winner.

Beauty Pie Shine Up Colour Balm in Pillowy Pink (£3.70 is you’re a member, £16 if not) I love Beauty Pie (Check it out HERE) and this colour is just the perfect subtle pink with a gentle sheen for the school run. 

No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in Translucent (£12) My oily skin always requires powder and this finely milled, super soft powder is one I’ve been using for years. I don’t like to add colour to my skin with finishing powder hence he translucent shade, but its great for hot summers days when you don’t want to wear make but want to blot your face a bit!

Scamp & Dude Mini Swag Bag in Peach (£18) Scamp & Dude was created by Jo Tutchener-Sharp, founder and previous MD of Beauty Seen PR who suffered a brain haemorrhage. She had to leave her small children for a lengthy stay in hospital to undergo life threatening brain surgery and the agony of not being able to be with her kids was what inspired Jo to create a brand that helps children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones. This swag bag is just one of many, many items Jo sells and has become a HUGE SUCCESS.  Adore my stylish Mini Swag leopard and lightning print bag.

So there we have it. Turns out I wear a sh*t tonne of make up to the school run and had absolutely no idea I wore so much!

I’m also quite impressed that I’ve managed to successfully apply said make up within the small amount of time I have to get everyone ready and out the door so I think that deserves a round of applause, so go me!

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