Friday, 8 October 2021

thisworks Stress Check

 Help ease your stress and tension with the new Stress Check range of products from cult brand thisworks.

Stress Check is a brand new collection of targeted, vegan skincare and lifestyle products to help tackle the effects of stress on your body, skin and mind.

It’s been an extremely hard past 18 months for pretty much everyone around the globe, but there are products out there that can help calm a racing mind and ease stressed out skin and tension from the body.



One such product is the new this works Stress Check CBD Body Cocoon.

Essentially a lightweight body moisturiser, this 98% natural lotion contains 100% natural stress-relieving essential oils.

It features a superblend of Bio Boosting botanical oils to help maintain your skin's natural moisture barrier, shea butter to deeply nourish and antioxidant rich crambe seed oil to repair the environmental damages that can cause ageing in the skin.

Infused with the calm, relaxing fragrance of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Neroli essential oils it also contains hemp derived pure CBD Isolate (490mg per bottle) to bolster your skins resilience and offer long-lasting hydration.

Used daily post bathing, skin will be left feeling soft and comfortable while the deeply soothing scent helps to quiet a busy mind and relieve anxiety. 


In need of something you can take out of the house with you for on-the-go moments of relief?

Look no further than their Stress Check Breathe Out (£18.99)

This sleek, compact tube contains a luxuriously, rich oil with a blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Neroli essential oils to help create a sense of calm in moments of stress while Coconut Oil nourishes the skin leaving it feeling soft and pampered.

This serene blend has been developed with fMRI brain imaging technology which shows its ability to help calm the mind and counter the effects of daily stress triggers.

To use simply roll the cool rollerball over your skin to release the oil, deeply inhale its calming scent and slowly exhale five times while consciously focusing on your breathing.

Another brilliant product for on-the-go relief is their Stress Check Hair Shield (£13.00)



This purifying hair mist has been created with 70% alcohol, Vitamin B2 and essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Patchouli, to keep your hair safe to touch and promote healthier hair growth.

 We all know the importance of sanitising our hands (particularly over the last 18 months) but have you ever thought about the bacteria that could be transferred from your hair onto your hands?




This unique little spritz kills bacteria and viruses on contact and continues to work for up to 10 minutes after applying.

 Containing nourishing oils of Tamanu and Monogongo, hair is left feeling soft and hydrated while antioxidant rich Vitamin E and B2 help to repair damage caused from both UV rays and heat.

The soothing notes from the essential oils linger on your locks, gently releasing their relaxing, calming notes as your hair moves throughout the day.



Perfect for use while out and about, keep it in your handbag and use whenever you feel the need for a moment of calm and relax safe in the knowledge that as well as feeling calmer, you are killing potential virus-causing bacteria from transferring from your hair, to your hands.

There are a great many ways that one can help themselves with the effects of stress but for me I love and trust thiswork’s range of products.



I’ve been lovingly using their deep sleep range for years now and am thrilled at this helpful, soothing addition to their ever-expanding collection of products.

thisworks range of Stress Check products are available now.


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