Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Pixi Remedy Masks

 Treat your skin this autumn to a truly indulgent mask with this trio of beauties from Pixi.

Available across three of the brand’s iconic collections, there’s the Rose Remedy Mask, Vitamin-C Remedy Mask and the Milky Remedy Mask.


Whatever your skincare requirement, there’s a mask for you.

These jumbo 300ml tubs of decadent, vegan, soothing jellies have been created for use either of a morning or night and have been packed with a host of nutrients and botanicals to instantly nourish and refresh your skin.

Up first is the Rose Remedy Mask.

Created to help refresh and deeply hydrate your skin, the jelly sits within a statuesque tub complete with its own Pixi green spoon for mess-free distribution and application.


Silky, cool and gel-esq in texture, the refreshing jelly has been formulated with a blend of Rosehip oil to deeply moisturise and restore radiance to dry, tired looking skin.

Argan Oil deeply replenishes and smooths your complexion while turmeric offers potent antioxidant protection.

Cica, rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties helps to heal and soothe troubled skin, leaving your complexion feeling calm, comforted and looking beautiful.

Looking to brighten and rejuvenate a dull complexion by injecting some much-needed radiance, then  the Vitamin-C Remedy Mask is the one for you.


Packed full of a host of skin-transformative ingredients, you’re literally just 10 minutes away from a healthier looking complexion.

Enriched with citrus elements to visibly brighten and tone your skin, it also contains antioxidant rich green tea and ferulic acid along with revitalizing ginseng to put a real zing back into your skin.


Craving some much needed comfort for troublesome skin then head over to the decadent Milky Remedy Mask.

This luxuriously soothing jelly mask is perfect for restoring calm to sore, dry skin.

Nourishing coconut deeply conditions parched skin while oat extract expertly soothes and hydrates.


Chamomile extract calms irritation while sea buckthorn hydrates and works to reduce redness.

Perfect for a skin pick-me-up first thing in the morning or of an evening, simply apply a nice thick layer to freshly cleansed skin avoiding the eye area.

Sit back and chill out for 10 minutes before rinsing off or removing gently with a tissue.

Each mask has its own soft, subtle unique scent with the Rose one smelling, unsurprisingly like soft roses, Vitamin-C having sweet citrus notes and Milky Remedy possessing a comforting soft warmth.

Your skin is left feeling wonderfully soft, revived and awakened with each and every mask, plus you can even mix and match masks to target various areas of concern on your face.

Pixi’s trio of Remedy Masks are available now and cost £20 each.


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