Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense

 Perfect Intense is the brand new, golden fragrance from fragrance powerhouse Marc Jacobs.

Launching a year or so after the original ‘Perfect’, Perfect Intense is a bolder, richer interpretation of its predecessor.


Celebrating unapologetic self-expression and the power of being real, bold and #PerfectAsIAm, it has been created as a love letter to yourself, written in a decadent gold ink.

Voluptuous, sensual and intriguing, it is a deeper, richer scent that while being categorised as ‘floral’, features both gourmand and earthy tones making it a truly multi-dimensional fragrant experience.


The bottle is instantly recognisable thanks to its vibrant, kitsch cap which has undergone a radiant and elegant makeover to reflect the headier tones of the golden juice captured within.

Gone are the cute, pastel pink and blue hues on the cluster of lucky charms as they are replaced by a bewitching black bow, golden glass slipper and star and rich burgundy cherries which now take center stage.

The deep golden nectar is visible through the heavy glass vessel, tempting you to release its comforting, seductive notes into the world.

Reveal your true potential by removing the cap and unleashing this beautiful scent.


Perfect Intense opens with notes of bright, sweet Jasmin Sambac which mingles beautifully with a key element of the original ‘Perfect’, Daffodil Absolute to create a radiant, solar bouquet.

At its heart you’ll find earthy, soft roasted almonds which while surprising, adds an intriguing nutty depth before a dash of spicy pink pepper brightens and lifts the mood.


Perfect Intense ends with more familiar notes of creamy sandalwood, rich cashmeran and sesame oil which melt into one another, enveloping the scent in a heavy veil of grounded woodiness.

It really is a multi-faceted, textured scent every step of the way, from vivid light notes to deep, heady tones.


Crisp effortlessly mingles with smooth, light with dark, familiar with unexpected.

It is the type of fragrance that will draw people to you as they can’t help but ask ‘what are you wearing?’

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense is available now and costs £85 for 50ml.


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