Thursday, 7 October 2021

Messiah and Eve

 When it comes to beauty there is such a heavy emphasis on skincare, though the majority of that is about the skin on your face.

Messiah and Eve are here to say that good skin days don’t just belong to your face.

A forward thinking, modern, luxe brand, Messiah and Eve are not just another body care brand.

Driven by her dissatisfaction at aesthetically pleasing products that lacked the ingredients that prioritised skin health or fragrances which were unique and lasted, founder Sarah Sklavenitis decided to create a collection of products which would elevate your daily body care essentials with ingredients for nourished, healthier skin and bespoke fine fragrance blends.

Blending a collection of premium skincare ingredients normally reserved for the face, such as niacinamide, probiotics, squalane and AHA’s, Messiah and Eve help your skin to look and feel healthier, all over your body.


Each product contains a sophisticated mix of bespoke blended French fine fragrances which are designed to linger on your skin like an invisible veil of decadence, plus their products are vegan, cruelty free and use recycled and recyclable packaging.

Sarah says; “I always sought a relatively affordable but luxury and aesthetically pleasing body and bathroom collection that met my on expectations of performance and design, caring about both our skin and about our planet in equal measure”, and that’s exactly what she’s done.

I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with one of her beautiful items, the Body Cleanser.01.

Presented in a chic, minimalistic black bottle with white and navy hues, it looks expensive and sophisticated.

There’s no fancy decoration, label or quirky packaging design, it is an elegant, fuss free design what looks ever so grown up.

This replenishing and hydrating daily cleanser is designed to replenish, restore, smooth and hydrate your skin.

Boasting a plethora of skin-loving ingredients which I’m more used to seeing in skincare products for your face, it offers a gentle but effective body cleanse that protects against post-shower dryness.


Enriched with Vitamin B5 to protect, moisturise, smooth and soothe, antioxidant rich Marula Oil helps repair damaged skin while hydrating with essential fatty acids and Glycerin with Pentavitin provides instant, long lasting nourishment.

Released via a pump dispenser, the cleanser is lightweight and silky in texture. When added to a sponge and warm water it froths beautifully, creating a plethora of soft, comforting bubbles to gently cleanse your skin.

And the scent. Oh my god the scent.

‘Beyond Here’ as it is has been named is the most exquisite, refreshing, delicate fragrance.



Boasting notes of radiant jasmine, heady bergamot, spicy black pepper, rich leather and wood, it is a truly sumptuous unisex scent.

Expertly blended, it possesses a timeless sophistication which will stay with you long after you’ve got out of the shower.

Tender, decadent and timeless are the words I would use to describe this brand and product and I can’t wait to explore the rest of their gorgeous collection.

Messiah and Eve’s Body Cleanser .01 is available to buy online now and costs £21.


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