Thursday, 9 September 2021

Missguided Real Babe

 Step into summer with the refreshing, fruity and exotic new scent from Missguided.

Real Babe is a fragrance designed to encourage you to embrace self-love and is a truly radiant perfume, from its vibrant, iridescent bottle to its luminous scent.


Captured within the iconic Missguided can, Real Babe has received a whimsical, beautiful makeover.

Baby pinks, soft violets and pastel turquoise hues blend into one another to create a truly stunning visual presentation.


Unlike many of its predecessors which are sexy, provocative and bewitching scents, Real Babe offers a much lighter fragrant experience.

Picture yourself barefoot, leisurely walking along a tropical beach, the sand between your toes and the sound of the sea gently lapping at the shore.


 A warm, gentle breeze offers light relief from the hot sun and carries with it a bouquet of exotic, sweet scents to delight your senses.

This is what Real Babe reminds me of.

It bursts into life with top notes of sparkling citrus, spicy pink peppercorn and sweet, frosted pineapple.


Blooming at its heart is fresh jasmine and ambrette which makes way for a dry amber musk and soft tonka base.

The pineapple element reminds me of a fruity pina colada while the soft, comforting notes of tonka offer a smoothness which is simple delectable.

Elegant and sweet, soft and airy, it is an absolutely gorgeous summer scent to lift your spirits and get you in the holiday mood, whether you’re lucky enough to be getting away to warmer climes or staying home.

The best part, the full size EDP is not the only item in the Real Babe line up.


There is also a really decent sized body mist, to refresh and reawaken your scent throughout the day plus a 10ml atomiser which is perfect for popping in your handbag to allow you to continue enjoying your fragrant experience all day long.

With the 80ml EDP costing just £28, the body mist £8 and the atomiser £10, you can afford to treat yourself or a loved one to the full collection for less than the price of many other standard eau de parfums.


Missguided Real Babe EDP plus the Body Mist and Atomiser are available now from Missguided.


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