Monday, 28 June 2021

Temple Spa Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel

 Discover the secret to skin that glows with health thanks to Temple Spa’s new Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel.

Housed within a vibrant orange, air tight bottle you’ll find an exciting and unusual targeted treatment to exfoliate, re-surface, correct uneven skintone, brighten and deeply purify.

Phew, that’s some list of benefits, but how does it do this?


The secret to this masks potency lies in its key hero ingredients, primarily Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and Sodium Hylauronate.

Antioxidant rich Vitamin C possesses both anti-acne and brightening properties, reducing redness, brightening dark spots and hyper-pigmentation plus stimulating the production of collagen which helps support firmness, tone and strength within the skin.


Meanwhile, a cocktail of glycolic, malic, lactic, citric and hydroxyl acids gently yet effectively exfoliate dead skin cells, resulting in a smoother, healthier looking complexion.

The acids remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, sebum, dirt, sweat, oil, the lot and restores the pH level of your skin while boosting collagen production and cell renewal.

By ridding the skin of dead cells it instantly brightens and rejuvenates a dull, tired looking complexion while simultaneously creating a perfect canvas for your skin to efficiently drink in and absorb the goodness from your skincare.


Plus, glycolic acid helps to plump and moisturise your skin thanks to its water-binding abilities, meaning skin is left feeling plump and nourished and as a consequence, the appearance of fine lines diminishes.

Another key ingredient is sodium hylauronate.

Known for its hydrating properties, Sodium hyaluronate is the salt of hyaluronic acid.


It has a smaller molecular size than hyaluronic acid which means it is able to more easily penetrate your skin, imparting long-lasting hydration to deeper levels of your skin.


By offering superior moisture, this hero element helps to preserve elasticity and tone your skin.

It softens and smoothes, improving the overall texture and appearance of your skin while reducing the appearing of wrinkles.


Meanwhile, botanical extracts of apple, kiwi and chamomile soothe your skin, vitamins A & E offer nourishment and Mediterranean oils of sweet orange and bergamot work together to reveal brighter, more radiant looking skin.

Designed to be used once or twice a week as an intensive treatment, rather like a facial-from-home, the mask begins life with a soft, orange, gel-esq texture before undergoing an impressive transformation.

Apply around two pumps to damp skin and gently massage into your skin.


Then, simply sit back and enjoy as your mask transforms into a mass of fizzing bubbles!

State-of-the-art, this oxygenating bubble peel gets to work right away, resurfacing and perfecting your complexion.

Suitable for sensitive skin, it causes no irritation or discomfort, and I must admit I really enjoyed the process of watching the gel turn into an abundance of soft, frothy bubbles!


Once the bubbles have subsided, simply remove with a warm water and enjoy the fruits of the masks labour!

Your skin instantly feels softer, smoother, firm and yes, even brighter.

I will always opt for a chemical peel in the form of acids over harsh, abrasive exfoliators with grains which can damage your skin and to be quite honest, this mask does a brilliant job.

Temple Spa’s Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel is available now and costs £40.


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