Friday, 25 June 2021

GLAMGLOW Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Gravitymud

 Treat yourself to the most luxurious and decadent anti-ageing treatment with GLAMGLOW’s Marilyn Monroe Gold Gravitymud Mask.

Taking inspiration from my all-time hero and timeless Hollywood Icon Marilyn Monroe, this limited-edition face mask has been transformed into a pot of liquid gold.


Presented in a vintage gold, hexagonal box with Marilyn’s image and autograph in red, you’ll find a vibrant gold pot of Gravitymud along with a very art-deco esq luminous gold and bright red applicator.

Marilyn oozed glamour and sex appeal and as masks go, this is certainly a very sexy mask!

Rich, thick and resembling molton gold, it sits within its pot temping you to indulge in a little self care pampering.

GLAMGLOW’s Gravitymud mask has been developed as the perfect pick-me-up for dull, tired looking skin.


Powered by TEAOXI™ Liquorice and Marshmallow Leaf, this peel-off mask offers instant tightening and firming while Witch Hazel helps to tone.

Vizitight provides instantly firmer feeling skin, Lunarlift helps your skin to feel more toned and tighter and Cosmiplexion encourages your skin to feel younger and more resilient.

The cool, refreshing, gel-like texture of the mask is sheer pleasure to apply to your skin.

Using the soft silicon applicator, apply a generous layer of the liquid goodness to your skin avoiding your eyebrows and hairline.


Once on, simply sit back and relax for 20-30 minutes while it works its magic.

Unlike some masks, your skin won’t be left feeling tight or uncomfortable as it dries, just revived and refreshed.


Once completely dry, start to remove by peeling off from around the edges before rinsing any excess off with warm water.

Skin instantly feels softer, more toned and looks brighter.


Is this mask going to transform you into Marilyn Monroe?

No, it’s not a magic facemask.


However, if you enjoy the glamour and glitz that she embodies and are looking to improve the texture and appearance of your ageing skin, then I can highly recommend giving this luxurious mask a go a couple of times a week.

GLAMGLOW’s Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Gravitymud Firming Treatment is available now from LookFantastic and costs £45.


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  1. Revived! Refreshed and improves the appearance of anti-ageing! This pot of goodness is saying all the right things. Its great that it also comes with an applicator.


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